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Colombo National Museum, Srilanka

Last year, this time, I was planning my first trip outside India, to Srilanka, triggered by an ultra cheap spicejet fare of Rs 4008 for the return trip.(Sadly spicejet has discontinued that low fare and convenient timing, else I had plans of one more visit) While many of the Srilankan trip photos and text have already been shared [read them here], few have missed out. No travel for me in Jan 2012, so recollecting old trips and publishing few pending topics.

In this post, sharing pictures clicked at Srilankan National Museum in Colombo.
National Museum Colombo is the largest in the country and is maintained by the government. National Museum is located in a nice white building complex in the heart of city. Only a part of it housed artifacts and was open to tourists.
 After watching foreign tourists paying an exorbitant amount at tourist destinations in India (At Tajmahal foreign nationals pay about 700 Rs while Indians pay Rs 60), it was our turn to pay the higher amount. Being foreign nationals in SL, we paid 500 Srilankan Rupees each ( about INR 200), several times what localities had to pay (2016 Update: Now Entry fee is 600 LKR)

 The Museum was built in 1877. Besides the regular items you would find in any museum (historical stones, swords, weapons, dress materials, photos etc) a huge whale skeleton was added attraction

 Interiors of the building

There were no hotels around, thankfully museum had a canteen which served decent food. By the time we went most of it was over though.


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