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KLIA LCCT KL Sentral latenight bus train timing

This post is useful if you're flying to Kuala Lumpur in night hours. Else ignore and read my December 2011 archive.

If you're landing or departing from Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur commuting between airport and hotel can be expensive, unless you're aware of cheaper alternatives. Kuala Lumpur international airport (KLIA) and Low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) are well connected to Kuala Lumpur city (KL Sentral) by bus and train. Though the buses operate upto midnight and start operating from 2.45 AM local time, your hotel staff and and others are likely to advice taking a taxi to airport, instead of guiding you on the bus. A taxi ride to Airport can cost as much as 100-150 RM, plus 50% nighttime extra, while a bus ride would cost under RM10 per person and takes almost same time.

It helps to know correct timings of bus service and train service available between KLIA/LCCT and KL Central. This post shares couple of flyers picked up during our visit, which gives details of the timing.

Most of these info is already available on net, but many of them state that first bus from KL Sentral at 3.15AM, but we found that they start from 2.45AM- enough for catching 4.30AM flights

We spotted that SkyBus and AeroBus are the two most popular operators. Skybus charges RM9 while AeroBus charges RM8. My observation was that Aerobus fills up faster and plies at higher frequency than Skybus. I could be wrong as this is one time observation. Air Asia has a tie up with Skybus and prompts you to buy a skybus ticket when book flight ticket. I feel it is better buying bus ticket separately.

KL Central to airport train timings are as below. Till midnight, KL Monorail  and Kommuter trains connects to KL Sentral

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