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"Happy New Year" Movie Review

The best part of going to the theater to watch Happy New Year Movie was the trailers of six other movies that were shown before the main movie.

Of course, Happy New Year has made lots of money in its opening day compared to other recent hits. I feel this is because the producers are getting smart in their business. Why bother searching for a sensible/interesting story and work hard on making a good movie? Instead, follow these simple steps:
Get some story- any story or even no story, get some star  studded cast, make a crappy movie, but do great marketing of the movie, build some hype before the release and recover as much as possible in initial few days.

Public is more alert now and movie reviews and feedback spread superfast. So if pre-movie marketing is good, before people realize that it is not a good movie, some good money could be made in initial few days. These days reviews spread superfast online. Even if twitter world gives a thumbs down to the movie, the first few days collection can be used to call a movie a "Superhit" and suppress any negative feedback.

Anyways, coming back to the SRK, Deepika starer "Happy New Year", it seems to have a patriotic touch and a story of revenge, but for anyone serious about the practicality, the plot feels pathetic. There's lots of bang bang- forcefully induced grandeur .

1. Which Safe vault designer will design a valve that opens directly into a sewage line?

2. If it was possible to exit from the sewage line, why not enter through it? What is all the hungama about Dance competition and Room 9C?

But, there're a few good things:
Some very beautiful scenery of Dubai, Palm islands and Atlantis the Palm.
SRK using a GoPro to capture the building plan of the safe
Some forcefully induced comedy scenes

Few other observations I made:
1. They could have shown Dubai Police Lamborghini Aventador and Bugati in the last few scenes... Only a BMW was shown.
2. Duster shown was regular one, not the AWD. Also once Deepika joined team they couldn't use Duster anymore, as it was 5 seater and team size was now 6
3. Emirates could have bargained more before signing up as Airline Partner. If I was the emirates CMO, I would have bargained to include more scenes showing emirates business class, first class as well as other features, including some A380 stuff
4. Fingerprint is so 1990... Current world biometrics at least involve retina scan. Also often fingerprint + a PIN combination is used.
5. I could make some sense of the "India wale" song. Rest of the songs went above my head.
6. Spelling of Diamond, on back of the dress that Deepika stiched was wrong

In a nutshell:
Does it entertain you: Yes, if you leave your brains behind
Should you watch it? If you have nothing better to do for the weekend
Will you miss something if you don't watch it? No.


  1. This is what I want in a review, good or bad I want it all and your post had it. Will definitely leave my brains safe under my pillow and then head out to see this.

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