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Kanthanpara waterfalls, Wayanad, Kerala

Kanthanpara waterfalls, Wayanad was an unplanned visit. After realizing the hard way that Meenmutty and Chetalayam falls are closed, made an impulsive decision to visit Kanthapara falls, on seeing a roadside board that indicated it is about 2 kms from the main road.

The first impression was not good. A small stream of what you see below. But soon we realized that we need to walk few hundred meters downstream to see the main falls.
Below are some photos of the Kanthanpara waterfalls. It was worth all the effort and compensated well for the other waterfalls we couldn't visit.

Kerala tourism  should promote Kanthanpara waterfalls more- didn't see much ads/promos about this falls.

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Phantom Rock, Wayanad * Kerala Houseboats *


  1. Wayanad!!! Wow... Have been staying in Mangalore for 6 years, recently shifted to Mumbai.
    Had planned to trip to wayanad many a times...didnt happen..could only cover ranipuram, mahe, kannur & kasargoad so far

  2. So looks like you are hooked to waterfalls :) they are beautiful

  3. Prasad: Looks like am hooked to many things in life, waterfalls being one of them

  4. nice images and grate information thanks

  5. Wow..So well written After Reading Your Blog I have decided to visit Kanthanpara waterfalls, Wayanad...Really It's a great Place

  6. Wayanad is a greenery place. The climate is well suited for travelling and also the perfect spot to explore the Trekking.

  7. well the place remains in news after Rahul Gandhi won election from Wayanad now many people are familiar with name i don't know if it has helped tourism in wayanad in any way but this is very useful piece of writing regrading wayanad apart from its political profile

  8. Wayanad is famous tourist destintion in kerala, India. It is famous for its hilly landscape, misty mountains, frozen waterfall. Thanks for sharing the post


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