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Terratigers offroad for beginners-quick pictures

Yesterday I joined Terratigers team in their offroad experience event, held on the Palar riverbed, some 80kms from Chennai. Majority of the participants came in their newly purchased Mahindra Thars and it was first time offroad experience for most of them, there were few other jeeps as well.

I didn't drive any car, just sat as passenger and or observed the off road stunts from outside. I will write about the experience in little details later, below are some quick photos to give you an idea of what happened at the event.

 Rock climbing
 Four red thars in the convoy..

More photos, videos and text over next few days.. Standby.

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  1. Oops those pics of driving over the rocks look treacherous.

  2. Awesome...if this is for beginners I wonder what the pros can do...

  3. For the Pros there's Palar challenge, team events and even more adventurous terrains...


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