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Zoomcar XUV500 video-Blr to Hogenakkal and back

Below is a short video I made out of Zoomcar's XUV500. For some strange reasons, this video has been extremely challenging, both to shoot and to process.

If you're interested to know more about the story behind the video, read further, else you may skip below content.

When I booked XUV500 from Zoom I had some clear ideas in my head as to how the video should appear. I made a huge list of various shots to be taken. But all through the day, ended up making lots of compromises, because of which I lost some possibly good video bytes. The GoPro suction mount from Amazon never came and partially spoiled my plans.

First I wanted to shoot XUV500 in motion from an external vehicle. Got my cousins to come in their two wheeler and made them shoot the video. But it was dark. If we waited for 30 more minutes we would have got more light, but then, we also had planned to visit Hogenakkal, so couldn't wait in city for long.

Professionals who make car videos spend days on it, working as a team and using multiple cameras and accessories. I was trying to multi task- we had to visit Hogenakkal, we had to come back to Blr by night and in between shoot some photos and videos too. I had passengers who had interests other than photo and video. They needed to get back to city asap and didn't fancy my too many stops for photos and videos. (Of course they were kind enough to co-operate).
I came back with loads of videos and had to find time to process them. Before leaving for Mysore-Wayanad early October, I almost finished editing but the project didn't compile as it kept showing one or the other file was corrupt. After several desperate attempts, I discarded the project. Had to start allover again.

GoPro studio at times have an annoying behavior- while I try to edit out a specific bit from a video, it extracts few seconds before/after my selection, probably because of not adequate hardware in my system, spoiling the video. Moviemaker is more precise. But it has its own problems. Half way through the compilation of video, I get a msg that there's not enough space. It won't tell how much space is needed or won't let me point a location which has space. Some other time it is issue with some source file- it won't tell which one... At times it fails after reaching 90% and output is nothing, doesn't even give me the 90% video that is done processing. A very frustrating situation with a limited capacity computer that can't handle heavy duty video editing.

Finally spent another few hours on Deepavali holiday to edit the videos again and here's the 4 min video on XUV500. GoPro alone was not adequate, have used both Nikon and GoPro for this. Srivatsa, Dhanajay and others have helped in making this video. Hope you like it. Will try processing a higher res version this weekend.

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