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Feedback: Travelparkz Mysore, Reliable taxi operator

My uncle used to book most of his taxi needs with TravelParkz Mysore. When I needed a car for rent in Mysore, first thing that came to my mind was Travelparkz. I called them on phone and booking was instantly created and confirmed.

This post shares my personal experience with Travelparkz, should be helpful if you're looking for a taxi operator in Mysore.
Travelparkz mysore reportedly have a fleet of over 200 cars, of different types. For a 5 seater like Verito, charges are Rs 9 per km and for Innova/Xylo, Rs 12/km. This is slightly expensive than lesser known operator, but you may not mind this premium in exchange for prompt, reliable service and relatively new cars.

My experience was pretty smooth. Cab arrived on time, was relatively new and very clean. They are driven at modest speed ("Customers should be able to sleep peacefully" is their Mantra), though it meant they took time to catch up with me.

Driver Jagadeesh was pretty good. I drove the scorpio up the Chembra peak in Wayanad, Jagadeesh caught up with his Verito and reached the top, negotiating few bad stretches skilfully. Though he expressed concern that he doesn't want to climb any more peaks next day.

However, one and only concern/complaint I have about them is the interstate permit. I was told Kerala permit will cost Rs 500. At the Kerala border, I was also in queue with the cab driver (usually RTO officials won't let civilians come near the counter and insist only drivers should come-this is of convenience to both them and the driver as there's no one to witness how much exactly exchanged hands. While at the queue, I was told first time entry of a vehicle will be charged extra, second time less etc. All these gyan was proved false. At the counter, Travelparkz 5 seater verito which has already done few trips to Wayanad was charged Rs 200, and my 7 seater self drive scorpio, its first time entry into the state, was also charged Rs 200. Later while settling the bill, driver tried to count Rs 500 as the permit fee, claiming they charge a standard fee for this because they would have paid more for first time visit etc. I countered that these charges will be paid at actuals and for first time visit also I was charged Rs 200. After some hesitation the driver collected this amount at actual. For other customers they would have simply pocketed Rs 300 extra. [Read more about my earlier post on interstate taxi permit mafia]

Also the bill didn't mention the exact amount. When asked, he wrote on top of it and gave.

After returning from 2 day trip to Wayanad, our driver was immediately asked to leave for another trip from their office it seems, without even giving him one night rest. I think this is bad practice from the company. This is common practice during festive season when demand is high. But such continuous driving can result in accidents. Ask them to send a fresh driver if you're booking for long drive. Check if your driver had enough rest when reports. If he appears tired, delay your departure by a few hours and ask the driver to sleep for sometime, this is in your own safety interest.
Verdict: You can book with them, but be careful about interstate permit and bill aspects.


  1. Hi....all I request don't take visa services from Travelparkz, The company executive don't have knowledge about visa documents. I have applied for Canada visa it was rejected due to length of stay the executive mentioned 60 days & they not give my flight reservation also. most of my documents was not submitted to visa consulate which I gave them. Even they don't answer my cals after the submission which I need to collect the tracking no. if I visit office the executive was out of office most of the time. After 25 days I don't get my passport when I told them within next day if I don't receive my passport I'll take them to police then next day executive called me saying my visa got rejected. As everyone knows if once visa was rejected the value of that passport will go down & for the next time it will be very hard to get visa again for the same country even if you have a valid documents also. pls think twice before you choose travelparkz for any visa submission. The worst service & non-reliable travel company which I have seen

  2. Thanks Anon for your feedback- didn't know they are into visa service also.. Go with reputed agencies like VFS


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