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GeDee car museum Coimbatore-hidden treasure

Coimbatore has a car museum accessible to public. It was opened in 2013, so into its 4th year now. 70+ vintage models are on display here, spread over 1 floor (basement), complemented with related videos/information display for each model. The GeDee car museum is a great place to visit if you have couple of hours to spare.

Let me show you some of my favorite pics:
The first generation of cars- includes the legendary Model T and Benz cars which were the earliest versions of motorized transportation.

The 3 wheel cars...
More vintage cars
 The bug
 Benz Logo

 First gen Nano CX cut into half!
 Ford Cortina
 Morris 8
 Toyota Sera

It was totally a treat to the eye. The museum takes you through the birth and growth of automobiles, beginning with earliest models which had a top speed of 3 kmph to current generation Porsche and mercs. When in Coimbatore, try to visit this museum.

There is also a science museum in adjacent building, which has separate ticket. This museum houses dozens of old typewriters radios, cameras and such stuff and some equipment to explain science phenomenons.

Generic information about GeDee car museum:
Timing: 10 AM to 6 PM
Entry fee: Rs 50
Where: 734, Avinashi road, few meters ahead of Zone Coimbatore

Nearby: Isha Yoga


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