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Wild Tribe Ranch Adventure activities at ECR, Chennai

Wild Tribe Ranch is an adventure activity centre on the East Coast Road between Chennai and Mahabalipuram. Years ago they had invited members of Chennai Bloggers Club to experience their facility in exchange for a review- I couldn't join that time being a weekday. Recently for a team outing we chose this venue and I spent a day there trying out various activities available there. This post shares my experience and feedback.

Wild Tribe Ranch is probably one of its kind around Chennai. There're not too many alternatives. Of course if you break down the activities there are specialty centres- for example, for ATV rides there's a Polaris Off Road track few kms ahead. For paint ball, there're many centres around the city, few near Tiruvanmiyur beach, for cultural activities/experience there's Dakshin Chitra, for watersports there's MGM and so on. The closest to Wild Tribe Ranch I had experienced earlier was at Mango Mist resort, Bengaluru, during Flipkart outdoors Indiblogger meet

Back at Wild Tribe Ranch, they have about 20 activities listed, each costing specific set of coupons- some cost one, few cost six to seven. Coupons are to be bought in bulk at the reception- 16 coupons cost you around Rs 1200+ 28% tax (Rs 1550 or roughly 100 Rs per coupon), 25 coupons cost Rs 1800+ 28% tax. With coupons in hand, you enter the venue, select activities of your choice and indulge till you run out of coupons!

Key activities:
1. Ziplining or flying fox:
Takes 6 coupons, lasts about 40 seconds, around 500 meters in distance, weight limit applies. Dependent on wind conditions being favorable. On the day of our visit this activity was opened only post lunch.  Waiting time may increase at times- after first few guests zip across the campus, everyone rushes to the start point- need to time your move well. When this activity opened I was at the paintball spot, asked the staff at receiving end about the rush/waiting time at the origin- they were unaware. Once at the start point, I had to wait for several minutes, as "belts were not available" (the safety harness used by previous guests need to be brought back to the origin point at regular intervals to let next set of guests use them.
2. Devil's ramp
The tallest structure in the campus, houses a dozen different types of obstacles that guests need to navigate across. Good way to gain confidence, get rid of fear. Takes 4 coupons.


3. Paintball:
We were told Paintball will be ready post lunch. But at 2 PM no one was there. Once we told them we are waiting the staff came and took another 30 minutes to ready all the guns. Would have saved lot of time if they had kept the equipment ready before lunch.

Also no full body suit given- only a jacket and helmet. This exposes many of your body parts to the paintball chemical. Not a good idea. (other paintball venues give a full-body jump suite)

Only 1 colour (green) paint balls were available. Having multiple colours would have made it more fun, particularly for bulls' eye. With the board already smeared with a colour, shooting on top of it again with same colour makes it tough to identify the hit.

Paintball costs 3 coupons per person and lasts 7 minutes, max 8 people at a time (2 teams of 4 each)

5. Swimming pool- guests can cool off in a mini swimming pool- useful when the day is too hot.

6. Bungee Ejection
7. ATV:
2 Polaris ATVs were in service. One of them get toppled as the guy ahead of me in queue lost control. Staff brought it back to the start point, though it was starting, they said a cable is broken and needs to be replaced, took the ATV out of service and asked the guy to pay Rs 600.

There were 2 more in the shed- got different answers from different staff- one said they are not working, other said we have to wait for someone if we have to use them.

Many find the 7 coupon requirement too high. It gets 3 good laps, but a cheaper 2 coupon, single lap option would have encouraged many more people to try the ATV.

8. Gyroscope:
Good fun. No comments. Watch the video below

9-20. Sumo fighting, Jallikattu (bull ride), Monkey walk (navigating through obstacles),  net cricket, volleball, Uri addi (hitting the earthen pot blindfolded, surf expert, bungee soccer, dodge and jump, Bunjee run, mad riders (ATV), Bengal ride were the other activities. Don't have much details to elaborate- you can refer their website for details.

There was no beach access to guests. Bengal ride was not offered to us- not very sure if it is operational.

Food is not a strong point at Wild Tribe Ranch. It is not part of your coupons when you go as an individuals. For corporate orders food is provided on advance intimation. It is cooked elsewhere and brought to the venue. Not good at all- the cucumbers used for the salad were override, the gobi 65 was cold, nothing very exciting about food. But you don't have too much options.
Option 1: Go to Intercontinental Chennai resort next door for lunch (Costs INR 2.5k per person)
Option 2: Manage with light snacks, finish activities by say 2.30-3 PM and have proper lunch on your way back
Option 3: Go to any other hotel nearby (there're few restaurants within 5-10km radius)

Concerns/Feedbacks/Possible improvements:
1. Sharing/Non-sharing: The coupons are the currency inside. Some activities take 1 coupon while others take 7. Management tries to sell non-sharing coupons, which means if a person can't use all of his/her coupons they go waste and it is free money for WTB. Always insist of sharing coupons- if one person is not using all his/her coupons another person in the team can use them.

2. Not all activities are manned all the time. In many cases we had to get hold of someone and ask them to ready the activity. While I knew what's what, many junior members of the team wouldn't have that clarity or motive and might entirely skip an activity which they would have otherwise tried if someone was present.

3. Some of the equipment/safety ideas are not best of what I have seen, but didn't see any major concerns.

4. Not sure why beach access is not provided- I guess it is to avoid additional risk or having to deploy lifeguards

Other things you should know while planning your visit to Wild Tribe Ranch
  • Parking is charged extra
  • Most activities are open for all, but few have weight limits. Those with heart problems and other health concerns are recommended to check if an activity is suitable for them.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Weekday 11 AM to 7 PM, Weekend 10 AM to 8 PM. Tuesday weekly off.
Overall, in a budget of around Rs 1500 to 3000 you can have a half day/full day filled with these mini adventures at Wild Tribe Ranch. I left at around 3 PM having exhausted my coupons and having tried most of the key activities. Overall the feedback is positive.

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  1. Amazing, Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Hi Shrinidhi, I am actually look out for a place to take our employees out for a days outing with team building activities, please respond, because I don't find any contact details or atleast give me phone number to contact

    1. Hi, my visit was 4 years ago. Not sure of latest post covid situation. If not able to find contact may be send someone to go and check


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