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Tata Nexon Compact SUV- What we know so far!

Tata Nexon is a compact SUV being readied for launch by Tata Motors. After launching Hexa and Tigor this year, Tata Motors is gearing up for Nexon. Nexon is slated to give tough competition to Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and Ford Ecosport. Nexon concept was first showcased in Auto Expo 2014, a more production ready version in Auto Expo 2016 then in various shows including Geneva Motorshow 2017. Now it looks ready for launch, with media drive currently happening in Cochin and various official and unofficial news trickling in including engine details, key features and so on. In this post I am compiling information known so far, about this new Nexon by Tata Motors, sourced mostly from official sources such as social media handles of Tata Motors and few unofficial ones as well!
Note: I understand there’s a media embargo prohibiting any opinion sharing about the vehicle till 28th July. This post doesn’t share any personal opinion about the car, only compiles information available about Nexon from various sources. I will share my personal experience and opinion next week, after a first hand experience. Contents of this post are not official review and some features are yet to be officially confirmed. Use this post only to quench your curiosity, wait for detailed review with official input and personal experience next week.

What kind of vehicle is Nexon?
Nexon is positioned in the compact SUV segment. It is expected to have more ground clearance, more power and more features compared to a normal hatch or sedan, at the same time avoid being expensive like a full grown SUV. This is called Compact SUV segment, currently dominated by Vitara Brezza, Ecosport n few Mahindra models such as KUV, TUV etc. Nexon can also snatch some customers away from Cross over market- like Liva & Polo cross etc. Will Tata Motors be able to break into this segment and shine? Let us see. Target customers for this segment are those individuals who want something above, something better compared to the regular hatchback or sedans, at the same time, can’t afford to spend 2-3 times a normal sedan cost to buy a 7 seater SUV. Compact SUVs fit well in this gap between sedans and SUVs.

Tata Nexon Key features known so far:
From the information available so far, below are going to be the key features of Tata Nexon
Two New Powerful Engines: Tata Motors has announced 2 new engines for Nexon- 1.2 Litres Revotron petrol Engine offering 110 PS power at 110 NM torque and a 1.5 litre,110 PS Revotorq diesel engine with 160 NM of torque. These are the most powerful versions of Revetron and Revotorq engines as of now (the lesser powerful versions are doing duty on Tiago and Tigor). This extra power is critical to give premium driving experience over lesser powered sedans.

Six Speed Manual Gearbox: Nexon will have a 6 speed MT transmission. There’s no official mention of an automatic yet, but I guess these will be revealed later, closer to launch date. Private automobile magazines and blogs are full of speculations about AMT option coming soon.

Three driving modes: Nexon will have 3 driving modes- Eco, City and Sport. Eco mode is designed to offer  maximum fuel economy, city mode aims to make it is easier to drive in city’s stop and go traffic and sport mode is designed to offer maximum driving performance, albeit at the cost of fuel economy. These modes are not available in competition and will give Nexon an edge.

Dashtop Touchscreen entertainment system: The infotainment system is not enclosed inside the dashboard assembly but prominently stands out. This is referred to as “Free Standing” or dashtop style. This will be coupled with 8 speakers and tweeters spread around the interiors of Nexon, for maximum audio experience. Designed exclusively by Harman

Sliding Tambour door mechanism is another new. (storage area near the driver between hand brake and driver seat, with a sliding lid)

Keyless entry? Indian Auto Blog reports at the possible keyless entry option in top variant of Nexon. ZigWheels tweet has confirmed this and also through the words of Mohan Savarkar of Tata Motors- Nexon will get a fitness band like key that you can wear. Can’t wait to experience it first hand.
Start stop button: Engine can be started and stopped with the press of a button, no need to rotate the key! I am guessing pressing brake pedal is necessary.

App Support: Nexon will support Android Auto and Apple Carplay apps. This is first for Tata Motors. I will explore this App further and provide more details later.

Brilliant space management: Pictures posted so far reveal exciting space management inside Nexon. Umbrella holder, multiple storage spaces in the glove box lid and so far.

Dual tone colour: Nexon will have dual tone colours, at least in top variant

Pricing: Nexon pricing will be announced sometime in August, expect it to slightly undercut main competition, Vitara Brezza and Ecosport. Between 6.5 to 11 lakhs is the expected price range for Tata Nexon, for various variants. But this detail will be known only in late august.

Booking: As per the information floating around unofficial Booking for Tata Nexon has already started at Tata Motors dealers across the country. You can visit your nearest Tata Motors dealer and book Nexon for a nominal amount. Besides the car, Tata Motors are also refreshing showroom experience for prospective buyers.

Commercial launch is expected sometimes in August. Media launch/familiarization is happening this month in Kochi, Kerala. Yours truly is also invited to be part of it and I will bring you all the updates and first hand review from the venue after driving this marvel. We are looking at around 150 kms of drive this Saturday. I am thankful to Tata Motors for giving me this unique opportunity to know things first hand about their soon to launch cars multiple times in the past. It is lots of responsibility to be able to add value through my reviews and updates. With your support and encouragement, I strive to take better pictures, extract more information, understand the car more intimately and provide better insights and reviews. I hope to do better each time and eagerly looking forward to the #ExploreWithNexon experience. If you have any specific questions about the Nexon let me know, I will try to get it clarified directly from the men and women who built this car.

Disclaimer: All information in this post, including images are sourced from internet- mostly from Tata Motors official channels and few from other private sources. For reference only. Wait till next week for detailed review with official information. 


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