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Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines- city pictures

Palawan is one of the main and beautiful islands of the Philippines. Puerto Princesa is the mail city on the Palawan islands. I have so far written about the Nagtabon beach, bike rental experience, motorized tricycles of Palawan, Plaza Cuartel, the Japanese garrison in Puerto Princesa. I am yet to write about the underground river experience, the 100 caves and few more topics.

Puerto Princesa is a laid back city, hub to boat trips all around Palawan. Many head north to El Nido from here, as there're no direct flights to El Nido. Locals say South of Puetro pricesa also has several hidden treasures worth exploring. One can easily spend 10 days here. I had like only 3. In this post, sharing some pictures clicked in and around Puerto Princesa city.

The main street was all lit up during my visit (Jan 2017)

The boy and his puppy..
Went to the ocean side where boats were parked. Found this boy and his puppy in full harmony

The boats
Boats in Indonesia and Philippines have extra balancing on both sides, with protruding arms. This increases stability and allows the boats to carry more load in the ocean with less risk.  But the drawback is that each boat takes lot more space to park.
Another cute puppy
There's a small park like area on the Puerto Princesa seafront, known as baywalk/west side promenade . Though the setups were creative, some maintenance was badly needed
 The hardworking locals need some rest
 Houses on the other side- the huts and the pakka makaans!
The princess statue, believed to be the guiding statue to the locals

Besides this city has war museum worth visiting, I couldn't locate/visit it in time. Now there're direct flights between Puerto Princesa and other islands in Philippines, without having to go through capital Manila. Details on the Airline Blog.


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