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Trin Trin Cycle Rental Mysuru- Copenhagen Style

Residents of Mysuru now have a convenient way to rent cycles

Residents of Mysuru now have a healthier and eco-friendly commute option- cycles from Trin Trin.  As per some report this was launched about an year earlier, but I managed to pay close attention only recently. Trin Trin is a smart card controlled cycle rental service with pre-designated pickup and drop points across the city. I am told there’re about 48 spots right now and growing. I’ve only seen these cycles upclose, have not tried their service, because my stay in Mysuru was too short to register, get smart card and try cycling. May be next time I will. This post shares some information I found, so that if you’re staying in Mysuru or visiting Mysuru this can be of use to you.

The idea seems to be taken right from Copenhagen, where such systems are very popular. Below is a sample picture from Frederiksberg area in Copenhagen.
Trin Trin Cycle rental process
The Registration: One time registration is required and members will get a smart card. Smart card is your key to collect and return the cycle. To pickup you need to visit your nearest Trin Trin Hub, flash your card to the console and get the cycle unlocked. Then once done need to return in similar fashion by finding another hub.

The good things

  1. First hour is free. Very convenient and suitable for short rides
  2. Mysuru has lots of wide roads, roads with tree shades. Cycling will be a pleasure here. Same can’t be said about other cities like Bengaluru or Chennai, where traffic/humidity makes cycling a daunting task
  3. So far, the implementation feels successful. Hopefully it is maintained that way. Usually after initial enthusiasm many govt backed schemes die down, due to poor maintenance, corruption and lack of public support. It is important that cycles are well maintained for public to have continued confidence in the system. If seats get lose, wheels have low air pressure or other such inconvenience keeps popping up, public will find it inconvenient to rent.
  4. Multiple spots: At present there’re about 48 spots where cycles can be picked up or returned. This is not extensive for a city of Mysuru’s size, but decent enough.
The concerns/possible improvements-

  • Some means to provide a helmet also with each cycle will be great.
  • There is a risk that some stands will always be full having no empty slots or some stations with high demand staying empty. The website says there’s a dedicated team that will keep rearranging cycles from full stands to empty stands and ensure that each spot has few cycles available and few empty slots also maintained so that cycles can be returned.
  • No double ride possible on the cycles deployed under this scheme (no pillion seat)
  • Renting long term is expensive. It is intentionally kept that way. You’re encouraged to ride when needed and return, not keep it with you for long term
  • Hope thieves don't target this

More details at

Meanwhile Zoomcar has launched PEDL, a cycle rental service, but only at select locations and walkin only (no prior reservation possible)

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  1. I hope that these bicycles will be great invention especially for school and college girls who like to have their own drive.
    Emma Charlotte |

  2. Nice to know about this facility in Mysuru.

  3. This is great. A similar service was started in Delhi almost 6-7 years back, I don't think it worked very well then. Hope to see this replicated in more cities.

    1. Only if public treat the cycles well the scheme will work and last long

  4. Glad to know that some part of India is still depends on bicycles!!! Thank you


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