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Revdanda Fort- Quick stop between Alibaug and Murud

Revdanda is a small sea side town in Maharashtra, located between Alibaug and Murud. On our way to Murud we stopped here for 15 minutes. Revdanda had a fort and a chapel inside it, which are in ruins how. Local residents have built their plantations around the ruins of fort walls, so only some minimum stuff is left. Wikipedia has detailed history, I will limit to sharing some of my clicks and quick notes.

The chapel is the single most building partially intact. Totally unattended and uncared for.

Korlai fort as visible from Revdanda 
If you're in the area you can plan a quick detour to Revdanda.


  1. ऐतिहासिक स्थल,
    अबकी बार देखने जाना पडेगा, यहाँ पर

  2. Thanks Sandeep... Konkan coast has many such gems

  3. Never knew of this. Please add to the G+ group.

  4. It's a lovely fort. Evening sky looks gorgeous here.

  5. Love the palm trees and the chapel..been here once :) although the beaches ahead are more tranquil and clean..

  6. @indrani- sure.

    @Niranjan- Thanks

    @Veidehi thanks


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