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Bengaluru Tender Coconut Yard near Silkboard

During my last visit to Bengaluru, I spotted lots of cycle and kart bound tender coconut sellers coming out of a compound near silkboard. Out of curiosity I went inside.

This place was a wholesale shop. They were little uncomfortable me clicking pictures but were ok once I spoke with them.

Tender coconuts here are segregated based on their size. Vendors take them on their cycles or hand pushed karts all over city and sell them to thirsty customers. A cycle can carry about 50 coconuts while karts can carry much more. Most vendors also collect consumed shells for their residual value or to use as firewood. Smallest tender coconuts are sold for just Rs 10 while most medium size ones retail at 20-25 Rs while bigger and best ones command around 30-35 INR from end customers. (In Chennai price has crossed INR 50, so I have reduced consumption in Chennai and drink more when I visit Karnataka)

The man in charge- shown above, says they sell close to 9000-10000 tender coconuts per day. Unsold tender coconuts come back to wholesale yard- vendors do not have to incur the loss (unlike some other distribution models)- next day these older coconuts go out again, a few rupees cheaper if needed. This mandi seems to be serving most of South Bengaluru. There could be similar mandis serving other parts of Bengaluru and many independent suppliers. So I estimate Bengaluru probably drinks about 30000-50000 tender coconuts a day. (City's population is almost 70-80 lakhs)

The yard operates on loose soil. No cleaning, not much hygiene. Some kind of carpet or some provision for hygiene would have been great. Thankfully coconut shell itself is well protected and insulated, so water doesn't get affected by dirt outside. Still a better ambiance gives more confidence to customers.

10 Rupees a piece is a bargain, even for small size tender coconuts- cheaper than any cup of juice or any alternate refreshment.
Later in the day I spoke with another vendor in Banashankari- he said he gets his tender coconuts from Mandya as he is not comfortable with silkboard wholesale market. He did have a point- his coconuts were bigger, cleaner and better than ones I had seen in the wholesale market.

A trivia: Do you know why tender coconut sellers remove their cycle chains?

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  1. Silkboard market is mainly for second/third quality tender coconuts. Mostly comes from TN. First quality comes from Mandya/Maddooru etc.,

  2. beautiful blog ...where is the exact location of this btw ?

    can you make a post on bajaj chetak . I loved your post on ather 450.

    1. Thanks. Haven't got a chance to check out Chetak, can't do justice doing review based on specs. Will try to experience it at a showroom and write on it

    2. Exact location is on the left side while walking towards electronic city, few meters before electronic city flyover begins


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