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Petrol 100 Rs! 10 ways to save on fuel

 As petrol price is nearing 100 Rs a liter, it is directly or indirectly affecting every Indian. 

1. Get a storage tank

Syntex tank of 1000 liter capacity can be ordered online for 10000 Rs. Will be available in local shops as well. If I had bought one six months ago when petrol price was 80 Rs a liter, and filled it with petrol, I could have saved 10000 Rs by now and recovered tank purchase cost. Even now it is not too late- thank me when petrol price reaches 110-120 Rupees a liter.

2. Own a petrol bunk

Petrol bunk owners get a liter of petrol for about 30 Rupees a liter from refinery companies such as Indian Oil, HP or BPCL. Then they keep 3-4 Rs commission, add 50-60+ Rupees as tax and sell to us at 90-95 rupees. If you can, get yourself a petrol pump. There is no rule that you have sell every drop of petrol. You can fill your own car or bike at 30 Rs per liter without using the dispenser and possibly claim it as a spillage or loss or evaporation. If you are selling 1000 liters a day, some 10-20 liter spillage is natural right. Alternatively you can keep the entire fuel in the fuel truck itself, fill your car directly from it and after truck runs empty claim insurance claiming someone stole the fuel or everything evaporated etc. I think it is great way to save.

3. Get a horse

Our ancestors knew petrol will get too expense one day, so they were using horse riding, horse driven karts centuries ago. I think they were right. Get yourself a horse for 3-4 lakhs (local breed) to 10 lakhs (expensive breed). Horses are 4x4, have hill descent control, hill hold assist, automatic transmission, 360 degree unlimited sunroof, ability to jump over small obstacles like police barricades, no need to pay for toll, registration, insurance and many other benefits.

4. Jugaad- Bikes converted into 4 seaters

I have seem these kind of vehicles in Philippines. Bikes are made 4 seaters by affixing extra fitments. So for the fuel economy of a bike, you get to carry 4 people or cargo, eliminating extra expense of owning and maintaining a car.

5. Shift closer to office

If you are spending lot of time traveling to work, rent a house closer to your work space, save on time, fuel and toll.

6. Duty free petrol

Petrol costs only 35 Rs a liter in Dubai. Dubai airport should provide a shop where people can buy duty free petrol. Lots of Indians who don't drink alcohol will buy this duty free petrol while returning to India, either to sell them at 95 Rs or use in their own vehicles.

7 Buy electric car or bike

Electric vehicles are getting more affordable and reliable. Nexon EV is available for 15 lakhs and is deemed fairly reliable for normal use. If 80% of India moves to EV not sure how Govt will handle its loss of tax income which comes from petrol sales. But right now adaption is low, there are some incentives from Govt to buy EVs, more cheaper and more reliable electric vehicles are expected soon, so wait for an year or two, if fuel prices go out of control, upgrade to an EV.

8. Use public transport and hire local vehicles

If you are traveling all the way to Gokarna or Goa from Bengaluru, instead of driving 600-1000 kms one way spending 10 Rs per km on fuel+ toll, take a bus or train to reach the destination, hire a taxi or auto locally to explore. This may not be lot convenient but will save fair bit of money.

9. CNG

CNG vehicles are being made available in many cities now and CNG stations are also coming up. Petrol + CNG kit helps you save a lot whenever you can fill CNG for your car. Unlike LPG, CNG is a bit more reliable and doesn't compromise much on vehicle performance. Aftermarket CNG kits are also possible not as good as factory fit.

10. Strike

Like how farmers are striking, if all public come together and strike for few days demanding lowering of petrol prices and taxes, Govt may relent. If no one buys petrol for a wheel entire supply chain, refinery process will choke and everyone will be forced to reduce price and clear the stock.

Let me know your thoughts!

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