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Tiago Tectonic Blue to be replaced with Arizona Blue

Tata Motors has decided to discontinue Tectonic Blue colour from Tata Tiago with immediate effect. This is just a small news in auto world where so many developments happen regularly, but a bit interesting to me as I had booked the exact same variant- Tectonic Blue of Tiago.

Above: Tiago Tectonic Blue
Below: Tata Arizona Blue on new Safari

While no official reason is available for discontinuation of this colour, it is obvious that the decision is a cost cutting strategy. Tata Motors has launched Altroz iTurbo in a new colour Arizona Blue. Even the new Safari is coming in Arizona Blue. Arizona blue is a bit darker shade compared to Tectonic blue. Arizona Blue will feel like black in darkness or from a far distance while tectonic blue is a lighter shade so I had liked it better.

Since Altroz and Safari are being painted in Arizona blue, Tata can save some money in paintshop using same colour on Tiago instead of a different colour. As such I think tectonic blue wasn't selling in large numbers- most tiagos we see on the road are white, silver or gray. Orange was a popular colour earlier during launch years but later discontinued and replaced with Yellow. Yellow, red and blue were lesser popular shades of Tiago and it was the exact reason I had chosen Tectonic blue, so that my car is a bit different from the rest and easy to identify/differentiate. Yellow colour will be permanently discontinued from next month, red will remain. Looks like red will be new communication colour for Tiago (last month's XT limited edition was shown in red)

Anyway it is another story what will be happening to my car purchase. While the car I had booked has arrived at Automatrix Mangalore stockyard, Udupi dealer with whom I had booked has no stockyard, no facility for PDI and won't get the car moved to Udupi unless they get full payment. Plus they seem to be raising new concerns like need for an affidavit trying to extract more money. If they keep delaying and annoying I will pull out.

Anyway enjoy your discontinued colours if you already have one.

Tipoff given by Gautham Amonkar, details confirmed as per this Rushlane report.

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