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LPG Cylinder surrendering/transfer process & tips

As you move homes, you will have to shift your LPG connection. For this you will have to coordinate with your local gas agency. Based on my experience, below are some scenarios and what all you need to prepare if you are looking to surrender or transfer your LPG connection.

Below are the typical scenarios

Moving within city: If you are moving within same city, you can carry your cylinders with you on your own. You need to locate nearest LPG Agency of same company (Indane/HP, Bharath Gas etc). Then go to your original agency, fill up a form requesting that your connection be transferred to the other agency. No payment or refund involved.

In an unlikely event that your gas company has no service in your new locality, then you will have to surrender and apply for a fresh connection with agency of other companies near your new location.

Moving to other cities:

If you are moving to other cities, you can opt for transfer of LPG connection. You visit your agency, surrender the cylinders, fill a form. With paperwork provided by the agency, you will be able to apply for fresh connection at your new destination.


If you surrender your LPG Cyclinder, you will get about INR 1500 per cylinder as refund. Any unused gas, LPG stove or cooker that agency might have forced you to buy are all wasted.

Some agencies ask for sign on a revenue stamp. Not needed in reality but if possible you can carry a few stamps to avoid delay or unnecessary argument with staff.

Since your LPG connection is linked to your adhaar card, it is important to surrender and get it updated in govt systems, else you won't be able to apply for fresh connection elsewhere.

When to transfer, when to surrender?

If you are relocating to hometown where your family already has a connection, or if you are getting transferred and you've not sorted out where to rent a home etc or you are traveling abroad for long term then no point transferring. Makes better sense to surrender and apply afresh when you need it.

But if you would be needing an LPG connection anyway at next city, better to transfer- saves some money and effort involved in applying new connection.

Things to take while visiting your LPG Distributor

  • Adhaar xerox
  • Original receipt & booklet of your LPG Connection
  • 1 revenue stamp (not required but better carry)
  •  LPG Cylinders and regulator.
  • White sheet to fill application, pen and writing pad (they may provide, but if possible carry your own)

Things to remember

  • Use your LPG cylinder fully (or you can exchange it with a neighbor who has almost empty cylinder) as you won't get any money for gas left  inside
  • Individual in whose name connection is issued should visit in person
  • If you are surrendering, be ready to give some good reason


  1. Now you can do the transfer the connection within the city online. Dont you know that??

  2. FOr within the city transfer, they charged me 95Rs as administrative charge. Revenue stamps are of no use in Karnataka, govt has cancelled its use long back.

  3. Can we do it online without visiting ?

    1. I doubt.. cylinder needs to be returned so physical visit may be needed, or speak to agency to send someone

    2. Yes you can surender the cylinder online fir indane they will charge 100 rs for picking up the cylinder options available in indane app

  4. I surrendered my Indane gas connection through online. Agency fellow came to pick my both cylinders but I didn't get any refund as i was supposed to visit agency to submit regulator.

    1. After your online request, how many days they took to collect the cylinder?

    2. I took it there myself and handed it over, as I can't wait at home all day for them to arrive


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