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12 things to do/prepare before Corona Wave 3

We survived Wave 1 of corona onslaught during 2020 with shock, surprise and first time experience of lockdown and virus attack.

Wave two caught us unprepared and shocked us beyond belief, many of us lost loved ones, India got humiliated in international level and we are not out of crisis yet.

But the country can not remain under lockdown forever, so many states are slowly opening up after wave 2 lockdown. Now it is obvious that this will be a continuous cycle. There will be wave 3, wave 4 and more. Obviously we can't stay in hibernation forever in fear of virus. Need to be prepared and face it. Assuming Wave 2 comes under control by end of June and country opens up, we probably have a few more months before another wave surfaces. Below is a list of essential checklist to prepare ourselves for Wave 2.

1. Vaccine: Get vaccinated as soon as possible if not already done. Vaccine is primary defense against corona. Hopefully the supply limitations will ease in June and July with more production happening, more vaccines approved. Very unlikely India will be able to vaccinate all of its citizens before Wave 3 kicks in. Get at least 1 dose and 2 if possible. Your employer may provide it or you may have to pay private hospital or you can wait till it is available in nearest govt hospital or public health care center.

2. Essential repairs or purchases: If your laptop needs a repair or some household appliances are ending their life or your home itself may need a makeover, plan it out- get it repaired or buy a new one so that next lockdown you will have better comfort. If your earning depends on being able to work from home, then invest in better internet connection, phone or other devices and always have a plan B if any of these devices fail.

3. Buy few essential medical equipment: Oximeter price shot up from INR 300 to 3000 during wave 2. They will come down once demand drops and supply increases. Similarly various other essential medical equipment might be worth buying when available at affordable rates- particularly when there are elders in family and no hospitals nearby. 

4. Know your neighbors and friends better: We live in silo world, unaware of what is happening in nearby houses. When things ease, do make an effort to know others in your immediate neighborhood. Next wave you will be able to help each other.

5. Isolation Rooms: If your house doesn't have a suitable isolation room where infected person can stay, may be it is time to build one- may be on the roof, or on the garage or anywhere you find it viable. An isolation room should have attached toilet and bath, provision for infected person to spend whole day- may be a TV or lots of books or provision for internet etc. This way you won't be caught by surprise if someone shows symptoms during wave 3

6. Stock up: Many consumables can be stored for years- pickles, packed processed food etc. During lockdown reduce the need to have to go to market every day. Things that can last longer you can buy in bulk and store them safely so that you can go out only for absolutely essential stuffs (like milk). This will reduce the risk.

7. Grow some vegetables: Get some pots or have a mini garden and grow some vegetables. This will ensure you have fresh supply of pesticide free vegetables during next lockdown, reducing need to go out, reducing need to buy expensive vegetables.

8. Keep your vehicles in condition: Long duration of idle parking is not good for vehicles, Turn them on, move a bit once a week. Once lockdown ends, if you have some short trips in mind finish it off so that there won't be any regrets. Service the car if needed before next wave and keep it in good condition in case you need it for any emergency.

9. Recheck your financial positions: Do you have enough savings? Are you spending unnecessarily on things? Are nominees registered properly? Does your family members know about your savings and investment plans? Can you survive for an year without job or business? Have a plan in place to avoid catching family members unprepared.

10. Plan a second source of income: See how best you can plan for a second source of income- either proper investments or some rental income or any part time job/consultancy work or a family member who is not working so far trying to find a job or do a business- a second source of income will help you sustain in case primary source comes under threat due to corona side affects like lockdown, job loss etc.

11. Learn basics of healthcare: Don't be dependent 100% on others. Learn how to administer an injection, how to check temperate or oxygen level, how to do proning, do's and don'ts w.r.t lifestyle habits, food etc. If at least one member in family knows the basics and first aid, you will be better prepared to deal with a health crisis.

12. Start ticking things off your bucket list: It is not clear when corona will vanish 100% from this planet. If you have lots of items in your dream bucket list, don't wait forever. Start planning for a few of them and tick them off when possible and felt safe- may be visiting a destination or buying an expensive gadget or visiting some temples/performing a ritual and things like that. The idea of "I'll save every penny till retirement and enjoy my life after that" may not hold good given the ever changing dynamics. Jungle Lodges costing X Rs now will cost 2x 5 years from now [Details]. Cheap international flights that existed till 2019, not sure when they will return. Fulfil few of your dreams when you can.

Stay safe, stay well. Got anything to add to the list? Comment below...


  1. This is a very good practical post! thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks a lot for the post.
    1st dose of Covishield vaccination done, next dose in August.
    This too shall pass _()_ Stay Safe.


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