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San Francisco Palace of fine arts

Palace of fine arts is a 100+ years old monumental building in San Francisco, California. It was reconstructed 50 years ago. I was taken to this Palace of fine arts by a former colleague when I had visited SFO in April 2019.

Below are some photos of the Palace of Fine arts. It doesn't appear in usual list of top places to visit in SFO- everyone goes to Golden Gate Bridge but there are more to explore in SFO

Above: Main tower and below: View from a distance with a nice lake around.

Above: Look at the sculpture of men facing backwards
Closer view of fine sculptures
We probably spent an hour roaming around in the campus. There is no entry fee. There were no specific exhibits or activity going on when we visited. SFO Palace of Fine arts is an event venue and can be booked for special events. Entry to public may be closed in case of special events going on where uninvited guests are not welcome. Otherwise there is a cafe.
Official website: Map location here, Wikipedia page here for more info.

Standby for more posts from California.

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