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Stay Banaras hostel & hotel review-Varanasi

Stay Banaras is a nice looking, colourful stay option in Varanasi. It is not the cheapest- hostel bed there cost me 1500 INR per day, rooms cost much more. But my stay was pleasant, breakfast was good, so writing this review to explain what to expect if you are looking to book your stay at Stay Banaras.


Stay Banaras is within a compound so is clean from external dust and pollution.

Stay Banaras is about 2.5 kms from Varanasi Cantt, about 3.5 kms from Vishvanath temple/Ashwamedha ghat (Ganga Aarti spot). You will be able to reach these spots in about 100 INR if you hire a e-rickshaw. If you are ok to walk a bit and use shared transport, you will spend a lot less.

If you are extremely religious, want to visit every temple and ghat, you might consider staying closer to the main temple and river- there are more hotels, dharmashalas. Will save some time, effort and money.

How was the stay?

I opted for the cheapest option- a bed in bunk bed inside a room. The room has 3 cots, accommodating 6 people total. On the day of my stay, there was only one more person so we had enough space. There is a shared bathroom, locker room inside and breakfast is included in rent.

The breakfast was amazing. I was expecting a simple breakfast with 2-3 items, but Stay Banaras had a good spread of 5-6 items. Upma, Poori, Bhaaji, Pasta, bread toast, sandwich, tea, coffee, fruit juices, fruit slices etc- the verities were great. Enjoyed by breakfast on both days. Easily worth 250-300 INR if you are to buy these items individually outside.

One evening I spotted a rat in my room. On reporting I was put into another room. The other room has a curtain separation with kitchen and I could hear all the conversations.

Rooms have AC, each bed gets power sockets, a lamp and a fan. The setup is pretty comfortable.  I was given couple of exrtra hours for check out as they didn't have anyone else


There is an inhouse restaurant- food items cost a fair bit- like curd rice is 260 INR, tea is 60 INR, Pav Bhaji is 210 INR and so on. One item I ordered- veg pakoda was not good but rest of my orders were good. Bit expensive but saves you the trouble of going out 1.5-2 kms in search of a decent restaurant.

The outdoor sitting area is also nice. With swings, music and so on.

Staff were very friendly

Overall my stay was great. I haven't stayed in any other property in Varanasi to compare but you can definitely consider Stay Banaras for your stay in Varanasi


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