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Broad Lands heritage Mansion, Triplicane, Chennai

Broadlands is a heritage building in Chennai's Triplicane area, often known as Mansions. The caretaker told me it is a 150 year old building, though the display outside says "from 1951" meaning the building is about 72-73 years old. Chennai has many such mansions listed on hotel booking websites like You can stay in these vintage buildings and have a unique experience.

What to expect at Broad lands Mansion?

The mansion is a vintage building so do not expect modern facilities. But it was well maintained, so was clean and decent for few night stay. Below things you should know.

  • I took the cheapest room- a single room without attached bathroom- had to use a shared bathroom bit far from my room. The room costed me under 800 INR per night.
  • There was no AC. Only fan.
  • Only one power socket was available.
  • There were few very friendly cats which made my stay memorable
  • Broadland Mansion has several types of rooms- a large family room, double bed room with attached bath and so on. Depending on your likes and budget you can chose one.

Broadland Mansion has a 24 hour check out policy which is great. They also have a 24x7 reception, so you can check in and check out any time.

There is no restaurant in house. You will have to walk 500-1000meters on main road for decent restaurants like Sangeetha, Adyar Anand Bhavan, Anand Bhawan etc. Or order online.

I went to terrace in my free time. Below are some views

Please note that the area is not very clean and hygienic. Be prepared to navigate lanes with dirt and filth.

Summary of staying at Broad Lands, Triplicane
Good things:
  • Reasonably priced- around 800 INR onwards per night depending on room type
  • Decent building with heritage look
  • Lots of open area within the building- gives different feel compared to normal hotel rooms
  • Few good pet cats in the campus
Points to note:
  • Not a modern building-limitations w.r.t infrastructure, quality
  • No AC
  • Basic bathrooms
  • Surrounding area not the cleanest
  • Almost no car parking space. (need to park on street)
  • US Consulate: 3 kms
  • South Korean Consulate: 3.4 kms
  • Marina beach: 1.5 kms
  • Chepauk stadium: 1 kms
  • Express Avenue Mall: 1.5 kms
Broad Lands mansion is about 19 kms from Chennai airport, 12 kms from Koyambedu and 4 kms from Chennai central. I took 27B from Koyambedu, had to walk about a km after getting down from bus.

Overall my stay was fine. If Triplicane is close to your work location then you can try staying in one of these mansions.

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