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TVS Apache RTR310: Initial impressions

I was closely monitoring the launch of TVS Apache RTR 310, the naked bike version of RR310. It was launched yesterday evening. My own RTR 160 has completed 9 years and is due for a replacement.
Image from TVS official website
Below are my thoughts about Apache RTR310
  • While the ad says starting price is 2.43 lakhs, that is for base variant. Top variant with some critical accessories added will cost 3.5-3.7 lakh INR on road. So this will need some budgeting.
  • 6000 INR more for Yellow colour, another 10k more for Sepang Blue- need to think if it is worth.
  • Loaded with dozens of features we may seldom use. RTR310 is promising several segment first and cutting edge features- cooled seats, cruise control, cornering ABS, wheelie control and much more. But I see following risks
  • Most of us won’t use many of these features often
  • Heated and cooling seats are good- but will it sustain in our weather conditions? what happens if I add a seat cover? The metals and electronics used for this function cause discomfort to riders, as per some reviews. If I am wearing a riding jacket, trouser, how will cool air reach my body?
  • Brass on chain is fine- but not sure if it makes the chain last longer. Chain & Sprocket need replacement every 20000 kms in normal bikes costing 2000 INR. On sports bikes the replacement will be needed much sooner and will cost more- So easily 5000 INR every 12-15k kms.
  • Too many electronics, sensors are a maintenance risk. Once they fail soon after warranty period will cost several thousands to replace/repair. I am fine if these are optional features without which core functions of the bike will operate without issue. If not, it will be an issue.
  • TVS could have launched a base variant without so many fancy features for 20-30k less and offer these on top variant only.
  • Very high pillion seat position is a big concern for my family. Getting on and off will be a trouble. But this issue exists with several sports bikes. Only bullet like models, models under 160 cc have a second seat at the same height as the rider seat.
  • Top speed of 150 kmph feels low. My 160 cc RTR 160 touches 110 kmph, so twice as powerful RTR 310 could have got higher top speed. But it is fine. 110-120 is the fastest you can go legally on Indian roads. Beyond 150 kmph it is never safe due to unpredictable Indian road conditions and risk of accidents. So I think most customers can live with 150kmph speed, except if you aim to hit a track and race. Karizma XMR reaches top speed of 148 kmph, but probably 20-30 seconds slower than RTR310. Would it be worth paying 1.3 lakhs extra to save 20-30 seconds?

Buying a new model soon after launch is a risk due to following reason

- There will be several small niggles that the product team would have missed testing due to timeline pressures.
- It will take 3 to 6 months for various issues to surface and automobile companies to silently fix them.
- Even the accessory market will take time to study the new model and launch accessories.
- We also need to wait for initial response from market- if many people buy the model then resale value will be good, accessory makers will develop more accessories and spare part availability also will be good

RTR 310 doesn’t have a direct competitor but in that budget, Triumph 400, KTM 390, Dominar 400 seem to be popular alternatives for someone who has 3.5 lakh to spend and wants a good high speed bike for highway cruising and a bit of adventure. On the lower side alternatives are Karizma, Yamaha FZ25, Ronnin, Gixxer 250, Plusar 250 and few such models between 200 to 300 cc capacity.

Mileage numbers are not known yet. RR310 gives 25-28 kmpl in real world against a claimed mileage of 35kmpl. I am guessing RTR310 will be in similar range. One youtuber has shown 210 cc Karizma XMR was giving 33 kmpl. I guess  310 cc bike will give below 25kmpl.

I need to decide if I can stick to a bike in 2-2.5 lakh on road price or spend another lakh more for RTR 310. As of now I will keep an eye on reviews and customer feedback through 2023 and if all goes well, will book early 2024.

Link to TVS official website : I tried to customize the bike but TVS website won't let us proceed without entering our phone number. Don't want to enter their marketing list yet.

Update: This autocar review clearly calls out RTR310 has vibration issues between 100-135 kmph (the most used speed range) and TVS hasn't done anything to fix it in last 6 years.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Your insightful examination of the Apache RTR310 features both the interesting highlights it offers and the expected difficulties, for example, upkeep and the requirement for planning. Hanging tight for surveys and client criticism in 2023 preceding pursuing a choice in mid 2024 sounds like a judicious way to deal with guarantee a very much educated buy.


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