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Bangkok's cheapest hostel: PLOY

I stayed for 2 nights at Bangkok's cheapest hostel- about 92 bahts (230 INR) per day.

As I was looking for a place to stay in Bangkok, PLOY hostel came up as the cheapest option on I decided to take a chance and try it out. This post shares all my findings, so that you can decide if you are Ok with this cheap option or prefer to spend a bit more and opt a better place.

What to expect at PLOY, Bangkok's cheapest hostel?

Keep your expectations to bare minimum. Drinking water is available, but no filling bottles. You can buy 1.5 liter water for 25 bahts

PLOY Hostel is an extremely basic hostel. They have multiple rooms spread over 2 floors, each room crammed with maximum number of beds. One or two rooms are kept for females only, while rest are mixed.

AC is switched on only between 6 PM and 11 AM. Works fine if you plan to go out for the day, else need to manage with fan.

Bathrooms are pretty basic. People dry their cloths in the open.  Couple of times I felt I should have spent a bit more and taken a better place, but as I just needed a place to sleep I decided to stick to PLOY.

Luggage storage is an open space. There is a mini locker available- but normal cabin bag won't fit in. But I could take out the laptop and store it inside safely, using my own pad locks. No extra charge for locker.

Free wifi is available. They do have an open space where you can sit and relax.

Kitchen is non existent. No receipt or bill was given. They took 100 THB deposit which was returned during check out.

Location is fine- very close to Khaosan road, public transportation available with about 1 km walk. From DMK airport I could take A4 bus and reach Khaosan road for 50 Bahts and then walk to hostel.

Most hostels in Thailand start at 200 baht, if you can afford to spend around 450-500 INR plan for slightly better hostels.

Distance from PLOY Hostel:

  • DMK airport: 28 kms
  • The Grand Palace: 3 kms
  • Sukhumvit: 12 kms
  • Reclining Buddha temple: 3.4 kms
  • Wat Arun: 6 kms
  • Khaosan road and market: 2 kms


Good things about PLOY Hostel:

  • Cheapest option in town

Not so good things:

  • Limited AC timing
  • No kitchen access
  • No safe locker for bigger bags
  • Rickety steps and minimum hygiene

If I go next time I think I will spend a few hundred rupees more and will chose a slightly better place. You can use this link to book PLOY hostel or other properties in Bangkok

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