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Jenukallu Gudda viewpoint near Magod falls

Jenukallu Gudda was something I wanted to visit in 2020 when we had gone to see Magod falls- It was just a few kms away from Magod falls, so it made sense to visit them together. But I was traveling in a group which had other plans, so had to skip.

This month we visited the region again and I headed to Jenukallu Gudda first thing in the morning.  Few years ago we were told the last few kms cars can’t go- now I could drive till the entrance. The roads were still bad- had large potholes filled with orange rainwater, but I could still drive and there was no need to walk a lot.

Jenu= Honey, Kallu= Rock, Gudda= hill. The word refers to hill full of rocks with honey nests. But now only the name remains- neither rocks, nor honey can be spotted.

Once at the entrance there is a 10 Rupee per person ticket to enter the viewpoint. Jenugallu Gudda viewpoint is some easy 150 steps walk from the car parking area. We can see a good view of the valley, if clouds permit. When we visited I got limited view due to cloud cover, but still it was good enough. Bedti river was supposed to be flowing below- but from the viewpoint I couldn't spot the river. If you can wait for sky to clear or if weather is favorable you may get better view.

Couple of sitting areas are available, you can spend 30 minutes easily and return from Jenukallu Gudda. I believe several years ago reaching Jenukallu gudda required fair bit of trekking. Now there is no trekking. Only a viewpoint is left and vehicles can reach all the away, so not much adventure is left.

Facilities available at Jenukallu Gudda: Toilet is available, there were no shops when we visited. Department has dug up a pit to throw plastic bottles. Looks like they plan to bury them there and not take away and dispose in some other way.

Note: there seems to be another Jenukallu Gudda near Sakaleshpura, Hasana. I am referring to one year Yellapura in Uttara Kannada district.

A short video clip of drone footage shot from Jenukallu Gudda is on my Youtube channel

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