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Singapore VFTF process for Indians: Experience

Writing this post from Busan Airport in South Korea

Singapore is a popular transit airport. If you are flying Scoot or Singapore airlines you will be passing through Changi airport in Singapore and at times you may have very long transit time. Singapore has several attractions so it might be tempting to go out and explore- but Indians do not qualify for any kind of visa on arrival at Singapore. But good thing is there is something called VFTF or Visa Free Transit Facility offered by Govt of Singapore to certain eligible passengers.

Benefits of Singapore VFTF

VFTF allows transit passengers to enter Singapore for up to 4 days without prior visa

Most transit time will be less than 2 days, so you can use VFTF to go into Singapore, meet friends, explore places and come back in time for your next flight, instead of spending whole day inside airport.

Eligibility for VFTF

  • Nationals from select countries are only eligible (Includes Indian)
  • Passport holder should have valid visa for one of the following countries- USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Schengen, UK. (Single entry visa holders can apply for VFTF on their return journey provided they are heading to India)
  • Transit time should be less than 92 hours
  • Indicative only. Refer official website for full details

How to apply for Singapore VFTF?

Had this doubt before my trip to Korea via Singapore. While the website has all the details on who is eligible, it was not clear how to apply

  • Should we apply for VFTF online before flying? (No, apply on arrival)
  • Should we carry any documents? (No, your passport is enough)
  • Do we need hotel booking for VFTF? (not if you are returning to airport same day- you may mention as transit or provide friend/relative address if you are going to meet them.
  • How long does it take to process VFTF at Changi airport? - depending on number of people at immigration counter. Few mins to few hours depending on crowd.

I also had these questions and no clear answer on the net. Below is what I went through. Please be advised that rules may change time to time and processing time, decision etc might vary from individual to individual depending on several factors.

Singapore VFTF application procedure at Changi:

Step 01: Go to the tablets kept near immigration counter and fill the entry form. It will ask your passport details and other basic info.

Once you successfully submit the entry form a reference number is shown on screen= Take a photo of this. There is no way to download this from tablet or have it sent to your email.

Hotel booking is NOT needed if you are returning to airport same day. You can select transit.

Step 02: Once application is filled, go to immigration counter, give your passport and reference number shown in tab after you filled application

Step 03: The visa officer will review your application, passport and will take a decision. If they let you in into Singapore there will be no stamp on passport, but soon you will get an email granting you special entry into Singapore,with a duration specified, before which you need to exit Singapore

Step 04: Enjoy your entry into Singapore, but be sure to return within stipulated timeline

What to do if you do not qualify for VFTF?

  • If transit time is small, Changi airport has enough attractions to keep you busy, you won't need VFTF
  • If transit time is too much, you can either apply for normal Singapore visa in advance to go out
  • Else chose some other airport and airline which either gives better connection time or easy entry
  • Even Changi city tour now needs you to be visa eligible- earlier all transit passengers were eligible for Changi airport tour.

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  1. It is my dream to visit Singapore. Thank you for your information about VFTF.


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