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Nagarmadi waterfalls near Karwar

Nagarmadi is a small waterfall some 13 kms from Karwar town in Karnataka’s Uttara Kannada district. The easy to access, hitherto unknown waterfalls was made famous by some reels and now tourists have started flocking Nagarmadi waterfall and leaving their mark behind- littering the area.

When we visited last weekend, folks from Indian Navy were running a clean up mission at Nagarmadi waterfalls.

Nagarmadi waterfall is not tall, not wide - only speciality is you have to crawl under a rock to reach there. When the water flow is high, it is a bit deeper to cross, so post monsoon- November-December is the best time to visit Nagarmadi falls. We could have accessed the falls area directly, bypassing the rock, but the government has set up fencing to prevent tourists from doing so.

Access: There is a road till Nagaramadi falls entrance- about 1.5 kms trekking is needed to reach the falls from the entrance. Parking area is very limited- there are some private properties where you may park but the owners will get irritated if too many vehicles enter and spoil their property- they may block access with rocks. Go in two wheeler if possible or go early/go on weekdays if possible. Last 2 km of the road, once you divert from NH66 are pretty narrow. If two cars come face to face, giving way will be tricky. Be cautious.

There is one forest department board 1 km prior to entrance banning entry into Nagaramudi waterfalls in monsoon season. So best to avoid visiting it during June-September season. We visited in October, post monsoon. No such boards were present at the entrance when we visited.

There is no entry fee as of now. If more tourists flood the falls I am sure the Forest department will enforce more rules and fees.

Nearby: Karwar town has several attractions, Gokarna, Ankola, Madgaon are all within 100 kms radius. Depending on your time and interest you can plan.


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