When I bought a mineral water bottle for about 1.5 USD in a supermarket, I was expecting to pay against a small receipt and move on. However, along with the bill, I got a huge roll of paper. I got scared for a moment, but then, realized that these are a set of discount coupons which I could redeem against other purchases.

The value of savings on each of these coupons was mouth watering, but then, I realized that one will have to spend lots of money to "SAVE" on these coupons. Instead of all these coupons, I would have appreciated if I'd got half a dollar discount on my mineral water. But that wasn't going to be.

Just an example of how consumerism is forced with the temptation of savings.

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  1. Something like happens every where. They love to take our money like this. I hate this buy one get 1 free culture.


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