Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vajiravudh College, Rama 5 road, Bangkok

Spotted this unknown palace like building on Rama 5 road, Bangkok. I was thinking it to be a palace, but facebook friend Kudpi Raj pointed that it is an academic institution, Vajiravudh college, built by King Rama 6.
 After our "Half day city tour of Bangkok" which lasted barely 2 hours (details soon) we were dropped off at  "Chin Gift Shop, 234 Rama 5  Road, Suanjitlada, Bangkok 10300" for shopping. Just opposite this gift shop, on the other side of the canal was this beautiful building complex. I walked into the complex and took some pictures. But as it started raining, I had to wind up and return.I could have ventured inside, but I didn't know if it is open to public. Also if I'd done so I would have risked separating from my group. So went back to join the team as rain gained momentum, but not before I could take some good exterior pics
Our tour guide (of Destinations of the world) never felt it necessary to tell us about this place. Instead of wasting time forcefully in the gift shop, tourists could have taken a walk in this campus. But not sure if that is permitted as it is a college and not tourist destination.
The complex had several buildings, above 2 are the bigger ones.

Below: View of a canal nearby
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Praveen said...

Nice & beautiful, i lime it your work, thanks to sharing nice pic.


great place nice photo location thanks for sharing nice photo////

काजल कुमार Kajal Kumar said...

Had this Institution also paid commission alike shopping den, guide would have thought of taking you to that too :)

...anyway fantastic pics and great info. Wao.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Praveen: what is meant by "i lime it your work"?

Rahul: Thanks

Kajal:you're spot on

MM Enterprises said...

Wow, so nice good collection, i like you work.

Sabyasachi Patra | F1, Politics and Us said...

This looks terrific. I first thought it was a palace.

Panchali said...

captivating pix! a nice place indeed :)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Pachali, Sabyasachi & MME