Thursday, July 09, 2015

2010 Nano Superdrive car spotted again in 2015

When we were at Tata's Sanand facility, I accidentally spotted this car. This was one of the 9 cars that was part of 2010 Tata Nano Superdrive. Specifically, this car was part of the Green route, for which I was the official blogger and had chance to be on the road for 26 days, starting from Ahmadabad and going all over South India- Surat-Mumbai-Pune-Goa-Mangalore-Cochin-Coimbatore-Chennai-Bangalore-Kolhapur-Solhapur-Nasik and back to Mumbai. Read more about my superdrive experience here
Spotting the same car after exactly 5 years was like finding your lost brother again. I was super excited just to see this car again.

I dug into my files and retrieved the photos of 2010 involving above car- few of them below

Above: The Tata Nano GJ6DQ338 at Karwar, few moments after entering Karnataka from Goa
Below: My 2010 photo of posing with the Superdrive car and a rear closeup

Seeing this car again in 2015 refreshed all my old memories. I see that car has now got some body stickers different from its original one. Also one of the wheels has been replaced by a spare wheel. My guess is that one of the employees of Tata Motors bought this car after the event (for a discounted price). I spotted it again in staff parking area later along with other Nanos. (Majority of cars in staff parking area in Sanand are Nanos- this shows that the makers of these cars truly believe in the car and own one for themselves.

This should also put to rest any concerns on Nano's durability. 5 years on and the car that logged 5000+kms in 26 days is still going strong. Long live the Nano.


Tushar said...

I like the car bonnet with map. Creative, isn't it. Thanks for sharing.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Glad you liked :)