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The power and need for "Sanyas"

Let me tell you the idea behind internet sanyas as promised.

The idea was to eliminate dependency or Single point of failure. We should always have plan B and shouldn’t have full dependency on one individual or technology. When I felt that I’m depending on internet too much, felt that I should stay away from it for some time. I succeeded to a large extent, but had to abandon later. [Reasons deleted by author on June 15 2007]

Situations where it’ll be useful:

Internet Sanyas was not just about not using internet. Sanyas is also about ability to resist the temptation of doing something, it’s a test of your emotional strength and operational strategies.

Consider following situations:

1. You like some one very much but he/she is least interested in you.
The most decent and respectful thing you can do in these situations is to back off and stop bothering him/her. (When love is rejected people go to various extremes-from committing suicide (extreme depression) to killing the other one (extreme revenge): I’ll not discuss that here). What emotional strength you have to stop thinking of him/her for a long term? Can you resist the temptation of wishing him/her on some important occasion? Can you ignore that individual and proceed in life as if nothing has happened? How dependent are you on that one individual?

2. You’re in need of money or some other help and are counting heavily on one friend. If that friend fails to help or refuses to help what are the alternate options do you have? Do you have another friend whom you can approach? Do you any back up resources to dig up?

3. What if the industry goes down and you loose your high paying job tomorrow? Are you emotionally and economically prepared to take a low paying job?

4. You’re extremely good at your job. But do you have basic skills in other fields? Like can you help yourself with first aid kit in case of medical emergency? Do you know elementary mechanical engineering to be able to guess what might be the problem with your vehicle? Do you know the difference between fixed and floating interest rates or are you depending fully on your financial advisor on that? Any idea how much water is to be added for a given quantity of rice while cooking? These may not be your field of expertise but it’s advisable to have some basic knowledge as a contingency plan.

Life is full of uncertainties. We always plan and hope for good things. But often bad things cross us more frequently than good things. Do we keep ourselves ready for such eventualities? While gambling everyone dreams of what he’ll be doing with the money once he wins it. He hardly realizes that there’s more possibility of him loosing his money than winning. While its always good to anticipate better things in life, we should keep ourselves prepared to face difficulties also. A contingency plan or a plan B, if kept ready will ensure that we can absorb the impact comfortably.

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