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Hyderabad Golconda Fort

A Visit to Golconda Fort

After a pretty long time, I went on a short trip with friends. Last time I went on outing was when I was in Chennai and we’d gone to Pondichery on my bike. That was a nice drive though my bike had speed limitations owing to its lesser displacement. That time we had no multimedia device to take snaps. I familiarized myself with the key locations and linking roads in Pondy.

Last weekend myself and two of my room mates, Nitin Rawal and Pradeep, went on a casual visit to Golconda fort. We spent only few hours there and had to leave early due to the possibility of a heavy rain. We didn’t hire any guide to explain the historical importance of the fort, just walked all the way to top and walked back, looking around and taking snaps with Pradeep’s Cannon Digicam.

As I am also reading a book by Jack Welch, I could sense one thing: Several centuries ago, a king’s success was measured by how he expanded his empire, how many forts he built, how many wars he fought. Today, in the corporate world, success is measured by how high you reach in your career, and how long you stay in the top position, the revenue you generate, the mergers and acquisitions you make and the increase in market capitalization of your company. Both then and now, there’re people who knew no boundaries.

Posting some pictures of the fort, hope you like them. I think there's a limitation on number of snaps I can add to a post. Have some more snaps to share but couldn't add them here. Will investigate a better option to share those images and update you.

Updated 24th Nov: Catch the slideshow of photos here:

Golconda Fort hyderabad Half way through the steps...

Golconda Fort The concept of aerial attack was unknown those days (13th century). So building a fort on top of a hill would give long range visibility and protection...

Shrinidhi Hande at GolcondaOne side of the fort is Busy Hyderabad city. On the other side is total greenery, as if its a forest...
End of the day I desperately felt the need for having a high end multimedia device of my own. A good camera or a phone with camera, probably a sony ericsson or a Nokia N Series... Though I can afford them considering postponing their purchase as far as possible. Of late several of my investments backfired and what I thought as assets turned out to be liabilities. So it wont be wise to invest in one more liability...

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