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Patna Man wins Aish's Skirt-Impact Analysis Report

Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2 movie
While India and Australia are battling a do or die match out there at Mohali, one out of mind person called Shrinidhi is sitting in front of a computer worrying about who’s going to wear Aishwarya Rai’s skirt.

As I was browsing through TV channels this afternoon (29th Oct 2006 around 1300 Hours IST), I stopped at Sony MAX where Extra innings program, compered by Mandira Bedi and Rohit Roy was going on. They were having a word with their Guest of the day, Miss Aishwarya Rai. After a chat about the movie Dhoom:2 in which Aish had a role, Mandira announced a name (I forgot the name of the winner ,who apparently won some SMS contest I believe.) and stated that this winner (he’s a gentleman from Patna) would be getting a white skirt, which was worn by Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom:2 movie (See the Dhoom:2 poster to get the view of that skirt)

In other words, someone from Patna has got an opportunity to flaunt a skirt which was worn by beauty legend Aishwarya Rai. This post is an attempt to analyze the event and rationale behind it.

Disclaimer: This post is intended purely to be humorous in nature and doesn’t wish to attack anyone’s sentiments/feelings. This is not an attempt to defame Aishwarya or criticize anyone. I’ve used best possible language to voice my view. Sincere apologies if I’m sounding indecent or have hurt your feelings.

As said earlier a gentleman from Patna has got a skirt worn be Aish. The question is, what will he do with it? Since the dress material is meant for a lady I doubt he’ll wear it himself.

Now there’re two things: he has a girlfriend/wife/sister/daughter etc to whom he can gift this or he doesn’t have anyone to gift it.

If he has got some one already fine. If he doesn’t have anyone there’ll be two things: Either he’ll keep this skirt with himself or he’ll try to find someone to whom he can gift it.

If he keeps it with himself fine. Else there’ll be two things: Either some lady will approach him (hearing that he owns it) asking for the skirt or he’ll have to advertise he’s got Aish’s skirt and needs someone who can wear it.

If someone comes to him fine. If he advertises there can be two things: He’ll get a response or he’ll not get a response…

Ok. Enough

Now that this person owns Aish’s skirt the curious point is whom he’ll give it to wear. Since the skirt is designed for a particular body dimension, everyone can’t wear it. This person has now got an additional task-he’s to find someone who’ll fit into it.

Given the length of the skirt, I seriously doubt if any respectable Indian lady would dare to wear this skirt and venture out in public. So he’s to find a lady who’ll fit into the dress and is willing to use it. If he already has a girlfriend/wife/daughter/sister to whom he would have given it but they either don’t fit in or do not want to wear it and he chooses to get an outsider to wear it, he’ll be facing additional problems at home.

Assuming that all works out and he goes out with duplicate Aish (I mean lady wearing original Aish’s skirt), how many people will recognize it and appreciate it? (If no one does what’s the point in all these effort?). Trends set by film stars are copied overnight and duplicate cloths similar to latest ones used by starts would be available everywhere. So how does this lady convince that what she’s wearing is original one directly from Aish’s wardrobe? Will she also carry “Certification of Authenticity” along?

Whoever that person is (who won Aish’s skirt), I wish him good luck.

Too many unanswered but practical questions. Good food for though I believe.

On the other hand, Aishwarya Rai is rich enough to afford hundreds and thousands of dresses per day. However, from a practical view, assuming that she’ll use ten sets of dresses per day, that will be 3650 sets of dresses per year. Further, each set will have several pieces of cloths-skirts, tops, socks, etc etc. So approximately she’ll be using over 10000 pieces of cloths per year. While its true that she’s can make a fortune by auctioning these (not that she hasn’t made a fortune already) what will be the significance, if you get hold of one piece of cloth used by her? Will you boast “skirt worn be Aish on so and so date between this time to this time”? Who actually cares?

Auctioning celebrity materials is very common abroad. This is mostly done with a purpose of raising funds for charity. Billionaires with overflowing wallet would happily shell millions on even small things ever used by celebrities. The trend is creeping into India slowly. Though in this case it was not an auction but was a prize for winning the contest, I’m not sure if we can welcome this or not.

What do you think? Please leave your comments or drop a mail.

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The SMS and Win Mania...


  1. Already the trend has started in INDIA, as u can find Cricketer's accesories being auctioned.
    Some of the TV shows such as Just Pooja in ZOOM also does this auctioning.

    India is not an exception as ppl here also spend money on such things.

    Rakesh Kamble

  2. this is merely stipidity at its best!

    I dont know why they shud go for celebrities dresses! Dont find a meaning in it!

    He can buy better clothes for his loved ones in his own money than these seconds!

    Say what????

  3. Hi all,
    My response:
    @ NR Bhat:
    TV shows just announce the winner name. No guarantee there's a real person by that name either. Even if they announce a non-existant name and keep the skirt with themselves, people like us will never know.(Except if Mandira Bedi wears in some Extra innings)

    In good faith we hope that the Patna gentleman gets the skirt.

    @ Rakesh Kamble:
    Indian economy is growing, so people have money to spend on these things. Since its their personal choice let's not discuss that.

    @ Sandesh:
    People forget that though she's a superstar, Aishwarya is first of all another human being. She didn't become superstar by wearing (or not wearing)that skirt and no one will become like her by wearing it.

    But mass hysteria and craze drives all these, masterminded by consumer oriented industry

  4. Well the whole concept is to run a competition & make people win.
    How far it is true in tv case i have no clue. Mebbe max people should have some attributes while giving away the goodies. I mean its so much true what will a guy do with it. But thw whole idea would be getting lakhs of sms's & in that part they would have defnitly succeeded :)

  5. I'm sure there are a very few Indians who can fit into that skirt.. and at the same time your opinion is right that given the kind of skirt it is.. very less people would be willing tomake a public display on it!!!

    Anyways Nice Article..

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. "doubt if any no respectable Indian lady would dare to wear this skirt"

    By your analogy anyone wearing a skirt this short is not respectable. To me, that's offensive, judgmental and narrow-minded. What's more pathetic is that it comes from a woman.

  8. @ Kavya: Max has already succeeded in making people loose money by SMS...They would have thought about the impact of giving items like skirt as a gift..

    @Anonymus: I'm sure there're many young indians who fit in...

    @Navneet: What I meant was most of the indian ladies would hesitate to make a public appearance in such a dress. Rest of your comment is ignored

  9. haha .. nice post .. nicely points out the ridiculous prize. Wish there was better and more meaningful marketing.

  10. what about her panty? who won her panty and what he is doing with it?


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