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Official Blogger for Tata Nano Superdrive!

eNidhi to all units: We interrupt your program to make this special announcement. Yours truly is one of the 3 hand picked bloggers, who would be serving as an Official Blogger for Tata Nano to cover a 26 days road trip, called Tata Nano SuperDrive

As detailed in my previous post, India’s much anticipated small car Tata Nano has completed 1 year and is now all set to roll out from its dedicated Sanand Facility in Gujarath, on 2nd June 2010. To mark the occasion; Tata is organizing a 15000 kms road trip. 3 Nanos each will drive towards 3 different routes- Saffron, White and Green… Each route will have one designated blogger, who would cover the road trip extensively.

It feels great to be a part of this expedition. Given that I enjoy driving, visiting places and writing, the Tata Nano SuperDrive trip is indeed a 3-in-1 opportunity for me. I understand there was stiff competition among bloggers to be a part of this trip and getting short listed and selected to be among final 3 is itself an honor.

As an official blogger and brand ambassador, my responsibilities will be to
Extensively document the trip, write daily travelogues, take photos, make videos, share them through blog, facebook and twitter…

Where can you follow the updates?
I’ll be publishing daily updates on "Superdrive-Green route" the official blog for the green route, created by the organizers as well as on event facebook page. Occasionally (probably twice a week), I’ll also publish updates/summary at my primary blog, which you’re reading now.You may also stay tuned to my twitter account for real time updates

How can you get involved? 
You can stay tuned to the Event Blog site created by the organizers, facebook page and youtube channel, comment on the posts, like them, share your thoughts, give a suggestion (for example, what are the finest places/landmarks in Cochin in front of which Tata Nano should be photographed)

I am designated to the Green Route, which would be heading south, from Sanand-Surat-Mumbai-Pune-Goa-Mangalore-Cochin-Coimbatore-Chennai-Bengaluru-Kolhapur-Solhapur-Ahmedabad and back to Sanand. This trip will last 26 days, covering about 4800 kms.

We’d be cruising on Mumbai-Pune express way, drive skillfully on the narrow two lane NH17 that runs along the west coast, visit some of the finest Indian cities- Mumbai (5th June) Pune (7th June), Goa (9th June) Namma Kudla (Mangaluru, 11th June), Cochin (13th June)… drive across the western ghats to enter Tamil Nadu, visit Coimbatur, namma Chennai (17th June), namma Bengaluru (19th June), drive across the northern Karnataka to re enter Maharastra and finally back to Ahmedabad (27th June) and Sanand.

Busy packing things. This 26 days road trip is the longest one for me till date and am looking forward for the expedition. Sanand, here I come.


  1. Congrats Nidhi ...looking forward for ur experiences shared thru macro as well as micro blogs :)

  2. Congratulations Srinidhi! It is a pleasure to know you. Looks like I am the one going to be blogging from the white route.

    Look forward to meet you at Sanand. Lets have a great road trip.


  3. Sounds Awesome! Congratulations!!! Have a blast

  4. Thanks a lot Sandeep, Raveesh, Mridula, Shankara, Indrani and Chanakya.

    Sankara, congrats to you too. Looking forward to see you tomorrow at Sanand.

    Sandeep, Sure. The prime reason why I'm invited is to provide updates on the trip by means of blogs and tweets!

  5. Good to know. Hope I will get a chance some other time and hopefully that will not be more than a week...


  6. Congratulations. Looking fwd to your posts about the road trip!
    Drive safe.

  7. wow, thats great news. Congratulations. been a regular reaser of your blog from last 6 months. enjoyed every post. hope you will be able write and upload regularly during these 26 days.

  8. Ram, Best wishes

    BR Srinidhi, Thanks

    Thanks for bearing with my blog for such a long time... I guess I will be able to update daily.

  9. hey buddy i guess i will be one of the people who will be driving from Goa to Mangalore...:D..give me your number man..mail it to me rather..

  10. Congratulations Nidhi...we will meet in Bengaluru on 19th

  11. Hey Nidhi one suggestion...
    Why cant u guys change the route to Mangalore, Coorg, Vayanad and Kochi?...instead of going directly from Mangalore to Kochi?..The above said route is really challenging terrain for nano.

  12. Santhosh,

    The route and activities are finalized and we may not be able to change it. Travelling time is also a consideration as we need to reach next city in time. You're suggesting Madikeri-Wayanad-Calicut-Cochin route, which is fun i know, but let us see...

    Thanks for your comments

    Naresh Kamath:
    Pls give me your email address (mail it to


  13. hey congrats shrinidhi..would be waiting for the travelogue.

  14. Congrats Shrinidhi. All the best and look forward to see your experiences on the official blog too :)

  15. Thanks Mohan

    I've already started publishing my experiences...

  16. Congrats boss! but just a small question I say.. what about your work..? u get 20+ days of paid leaves..? Given a chance, I wudnt have missed the trip at the cost of unpaid leaves also.. but just asking..

  17. Anantha,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Took unpaid leave for a month...

  18. Super... just reading about the super drive here...

    Naa eppavume late baass...

    Was trying to reach tata guys to check i can be part of the drive... the idiots never responded on email, facebook or twitter..

    Anyways hope you had nice fun...

    I am still proud to be a Tata nano owner... :-)

  19. Agni,

    Thanks for the comment. There was a process to select people who could join the drive. If you'd applied in right place you would have gone through that evaluation process.

    Hope your nano is doing great. Have nice ride

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