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Maruti Suzuki SX4 sports Hatch

A small post sharing 2 pics of Maruti Suzuki SX4 Hatchback

I didn’t know Maruti Suzuki had a hatchback version of its popular sedan, SX4. These are not sold in India but are available abroad. Spotted one such car in Kandy, Srilanka- Few pics below. Will be nice if Maruti thinks of making it available in India (diesel pls)
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  1. Ya, I had seen this in Taiwan & I liked it very much. I am still wondering why aren't they releasing it in India !!!

  2. Wow,I have never seen that Maruti Sx4 sports hatchback.Maruti had not launched any sports car in India but it has launched some fabulous cars in Delhi Auto Expo.One of them is Maruti Ertiga.

    Maruti Suzuki is India's largest car maker company and this company provides many car which are known for low maintenance and high performance.Maruti continues it's tradition by launching new MPV Maruti Ertiga,Which is fabulous in style, has impressive mileage and amazing power.Everyone will love it.

    Maruti Ertiga was recently unveiled by Maruti Suzuki India at the 11th Auto Expo and now this largest carmaker of the country is all geared up for the launch on 12th April 2012 in New Delhi. Ertiga is expected to fall in the price bracket of Rs. 7- Rs 9 lakh and is said to be competing neck-to-neck with the segment best selling cars Toyota Innova and Mahindra Xylo.


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