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Book Review: Anything for you Ma'am-Tushar Raheja

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I had bought this book few years back, but hadn't managed to complete it recently. When first few pages of the book fail to get me interested, I tend to keep the book aside and this is what happened with this book. The plot, narration and all were good, but the beginning was , as I felt, a bit too elaborative and didn't reveal what readers should expect from this book.

Plot Summary: An IIT Delhi student falls in love with a girl, friend of his sister. (By reading the title, I thought it is a love story between an IIT student and a lady teacher/professor) Unfortunately this girls lives in Chennai and after learning about their affair, girl's father has cancelled future Delhi visits for the family. In order to see the girl, our hero plans to take advantage of an industrial tour to Pune and sports meet. He plans to take a train to Chennai from Pune instead of attending industrial tour. All the challenges faced during this adventure forms core content of the novel.

The above para may seem simple and straight forward, but the author has managed to weave a fairly interesting and complicated network of incidents and surprises to make the story interesting. Hardly anything goes as per plan and our lead character, Tejas is thrown in front of a new hurdle every now and then. He manages to turn them to his advantages, takes people into confidence by telling them his love story and gets help from them to complete his mission.

The time reference is a bit confusing at times- for example, it goes in a mixed format- October this year, September this year, Back to October this year, January this year and so on.  So if you read randomly you'll be lost.

Also book is written at a time when mobiles were just entering Indian markets and weren't too widespread. Concepts of social networking didn't exist and emails were sole medium of communication. Air travel also must have been reasonably expensive, hence our hero had to rely on train. Keep this in mind while reading the novel.

Good number of hilarious activities are thrown in for added fun. As expected, book ends with a happy note.

Book is published by Srishti Publishers and is priced at about Rs 100. (Rs 84 on flipkart now) Grab a copy if classical love stories interest you. Someone has published full PDF of the book on net. Not giving link as I'm not sure if it is right thing to do.

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