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Audi R8 V10 Photos

Audi R8 is a 2 crore+ taxes supercar

I found one parked outside a hotel in Chennai. Asked the hotel staff if I can take the photo, they said "Yes". Hence took some close up photos of this car
How does it feel to have a V10 550 hp engine behind your back? It is like having a rocket on your tail. This V10 is sourced from Lamborghini and is used in many iconic Lamborghini models (V10 has 25 HP more than the previous R8 spider). Don't ask me the question- "kitna deti hain?". If you're so concerned about the mileage, this car is not for you.

The recently launched V10 is an improved and more powerful variant of previous models which had a V8 engine.

Looks like this car was parked outside the hotel for promotional purposes. The shining colours on the car don't seem to be natural and added superficially just to attract eye balls. Have a close look at the image below, we can see the wrappers winding up and causing small bulges near the tail lamp.

V10 maxes out at over 317 kmph. That is like being able to cover Chennai Bangalore in one hour flat, if only our roads permitted.

0-100 is takes 3.5 seconds, again if roads permit.

And not to forget, this car seats 2 people and hardly has any luggage space. Rear engine takes most of the space inside the car.

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  1. Nice! I have seen the white ones around here, not the red ones.

    BTW, about the luggage, this is a sports car and not designed to haul luggage from one point to another.

  2. What a wonderful car. it seems like magical and beautiful machine

    Travel India

  3. It's a just an amazing car it's every one who loves cars wants to have it.

  4. Saw a Porsche in OMR a few days back and now you're posting an Audi - Chennai is rocking!!! Lolz!
    Anyways, thanks for your comment on my blog! Do visit often! :)

    Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! - Bhusha's INDIA TRAVELOGUE

  5. Shrinidhi we need cars with "kitna deti hain". as oil is rare commodity so use when it is need most.
    This car is not meant for india.

  6. Santosh: Agree

    Bhushavli: Thanks

    Vishal: THanks

    Sudipta: I understand... :)

  7. Until finally big day, Audi India has long been recommended by using four honors because swank, luxurious and economical cars.


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