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Interesting facts about our MPs and Parliament

I attended the Sansad Ratna award function event today, at IIT Madras Chennai. More about the event in a separate post.

First session of the day was a presentation by PRS Legislative Research. It is a unique company involved in research on MPs and Parliament- tracking their performance in terms of attendance, bills passed, questions raised and so on. Mr Chaksu from PRS India presented some interesting facts about Indian Parliament and its MPs, which I am sharing with you as it is interesting as well as important to know.

1. Most of our MPs are fairly educated. Just about 2-3% have not even cleared class 10 and about 17-18% have cleared matriculation but not beyond that. About 40%+ are graduates, 25%+ are post graduates. This is quite a relief.
 2. Our MPs have about 78% average attendance during parliament sessions

3. When in session, parliament opens at 11 AM. First hour is Question hour- for predefined questions. Only 20 questions taken up per day- they don't have any concept of working overtime if there're more questions- Next 1 hour is ZERO HOUR, for matters of urgency, the next 1 hour is for lunch and rest of the day for government business like passing the laws, debate etc

However, over the years, the no of days parliament is meeting is on the decline, so are the no of questions raised

Below: Mr Chaksu from PRS, who presented above facts
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  1. Interesting facts. Yes with these figures India will definitely progress in all the departments. Over Population, Corruption, Crime etc.

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