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Club Mahindra-Sterling 2012-2013 pricelist and season chart

A quick update on timeshare memberships. Sharing below latest available season chart and pricelist from 2 key players in the field of timeshare memberships- Club Mahindra and Sterling

 Club Mahindra Price list for 2012-2013
Sterling Holidays price list for 2012-2013
Club Mahindra week classification Chart

Refer link below

Sterling Holidays week classification chart

Thanks to Vivek Kapoor for providing above. Vivek runs, which is actively into selling/reselling timeshare memberships and other holiday packages.


  1. need latest price list of club mahindra

  2. Are the rates for Jiyo Life or Club Mahindra?

  3. Hello!

    My name is on top of the BUY/SELL list today.How can a prospective buyer approach me and vice versa?

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the update. But the information provided is outdated. The pricelist is of 2012 and the season chart is valid only upto 2013. WOuld you have the latest for a better comparison and decision making?

  5. Mr Hande

    I must sincerely congratulate you for running the blog, a passionate one indeed

    Also I will thank Mr Bhupesh from whose blog I got a link to yours

    You have done a great deal of good work on the issues facing the buyers of such memberships especially the ones like me
    who like to research internet before buying
    In fact the rosy picture that the companies paint in front of a buyer is too good to resist but for the blog likes yours' that show us the other side of the coin
    many would have fell into the trap of buying memberships and repenting later

    Thanks and Regards
    Pradeep S

  6. Thanks for the update. Please update for the latest price.


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