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Book Review: Tantra by Adi

Tantra by Adi is a fiction about vampires and guardians. Before reading this book, my knowledge about Vampires was near zero.  The movie series- Twilight, Twilight Saga etc were on same concept, but I’d not liked such movies and hardly watched them properly. When I got the book “Tantra by Adi”  from Blogadda for review and once I started reading it, the story seemed to assume that readers know what vampires are.  I had to first refresh my understanding of vampires. Vampires are the evil forces, capable of jumping from building to building, they survive on blood.

Once that was cleared, rest of the book makes good read. Core of the story revolves around Anu, who was a guardian (guardians are the people who fight against the vampires) in New York and had chosen to return to India, because the vampire who killed her friend was traced to New Delhi. But Anu’s parents and her aunt are not aware of her inhuman responsibilities and are focused on getting her married.
Anu gets some local help, gets to kill one vampire who used to abduct kids and kill them. She also realizes local guardians have made truce with vampires, they don’t update all relevant data to the computers and the scene overall is not very encouraging. The book is all about how she goes on to take the evil vampires, save the city of Delhi and takes her revenge. While doing so she comes across a Tantri named Saneka (one does crazy practices that includes sacrificing people to control supernatural forces- like vamachara. Kerala is believed to have many such practitioners). Without knowing fully about her enemies, Anu gets into fight with Saneka and his assistants, almost getting killed- Saneka could burn a tree, cause a toofan with a simple hand move, which Anu couldn't counter. Lots of mythological concepts- sadhana etc also get covered during the course of the story.

In the course of story there're many twists and turns, including the enemy- Saneka offering to be the Guru for Anu and teach her Tantra

I couldn't understand the action "shifted" and "deshifted" used during fightsx- looked like a mechanism to recover from injury or defend against an attack. Also I am wondering how Anu managed to get her close combat weapons past authorities. (Book admits she couldn't bring her sniper rifle from NY)
The plot is good. If you have some inclination towards the concept of vampires, you’ll like this book. Even otherwise, the story is interesting from a detective angle- how the plot unveils and Anu traces the culprits.

Title: Tantra by Adi
Author: Adi
Publisher: Apeejay Stya Publishing
MRP: 195 (Rs 144 on flipkart)
Genre- fiction
No of pages: 334, Paperback
Book's website: 

There're more books in this series. If you're interested, explore author's facebook page for clues and details

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