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Tempo Hanseat-aged shareautos-photo and spec

Tempo Hanseat is a 3 wheeler, manufactured by Tempo (The same guys who made Tempo traveler and Matador). Hanseat was manufactured between 1949-1956. You don't find them in Indian cities now. However, in many rural places, they continue to serve as a key mode of transportation. I found many of them in Punjab-Himachal Pradesh border, around Pathankot in particular.

They are being used as share autos to ferry people around. Though it is a threewheeler, it has a steering wheel and a gear lever (4 forward and 1 reverse). These vehicles have about 15 horse power, 50-55kmph top speed and are powered by a modest 2 stroke 400cc petrol engine.

Note: A BS motoring article states that Indian version of Tempo Hanseat, produced in association with Bajaj had 452 cc two stroke petrol engine with 80kmph top speed and 20 PS power. It also states that many owners have ditched original petrol engine and have fitted diesel engines of various types on their own.

He's got a 4x4 sticker- shouldn't it be 3x3?

60 years since they were manufactured, these three-wheelers are still operational, which testifies their durability and quality. However, legality of these are in question, due to their pollution norms and other laws. Obviously cops and RTOs don't want to clamp down on these owners, as it is their livelihood and a mode of transport for locals.

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  1. Hey! I have not seen them before.

  2. Thanks for your visit :0) why are you walking a Tiger in your ID shot?

  3. Rajesh: Now you have...

    Dancin: That photo was clicked in Thailand, Tiger temple

  4. I want to buy one with original petrol engine can any one tell me what would be its cost ?

    1. No idea. find an owner and negotiate if he is willing to sell

  5. Those were seen in Kalyan city as share vrikshaw


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