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Private India, Naked Face n Memories of Midnight: 3 Crime fiction novel reviews

I read 3 novels recently- Sidney Sheldon's Memories of midnight, The Naked Face and Private India by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson. These were not the most exciting books and I don't have enough to write a detailed review, hence this 3 in 1 post giving brief overview/review of all these 3 novels.

1. Memories of Midnight- Sidney Sheldon
This is a story of a millionaire businessman and his revenge. Constantin Demeris (aka Costa) has got his mistress Neolle Page and her lover Larry Douglas executed by the state for the murder of Larry's wife, Catherine. (This part happens in previous Book, The Other Side of Midnight). Only Demeris knows the truth that Catherine is indeed alive and wants to get her killed, along with other few people who knew the truth.

Plot revolves around the murder of different characters and Demeris's business activities. Would Catherine survive the plot? Will Demeis pay for his misdeeds? Read the book to find out. Wikipedia already has a super detailed plot, which if you read, you probably won't have to read the novel.

Compared to some of other novels by Sidney Sheldon than I have read, this book- Memories of Midnight doesn't have too many twists, surprises or excitement. Also the novel was written 2.5 decades ago, so many tactics seem outdated if we read it today.

2. The Naked Face- Sidney Sheldon
Another novel by Sidney, written much earlier- in 1970s- The Naked Face has a very simple plot. A pyscho analyst's life is in danger- he must find out who is after him, whom he can trust and whom not to. This is a much simple and straight forward plot, with hardly any twists and turns. No sub plots, no deviation from main story line. The Naked face is apparently Sidney's first novel, so not one of his best works.

3. Private India by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson
Private India is a very thick and long novel-470 odd pages. (Smaller font could have easily saved 100 pages worth paper). I bought this book over an year ago, but couldn't finish reading earlier. Read it in parts over several sittings. Private India is a detective agency based out of Mumbai and is hired to investigate a murder, which soon proves to be a serial murder. Investigators hunt for clues and tries to predict/prevent future murders, but in vein.

Story telling is good, but 400 odd pages might test your patience. Negative backgrounds of now successful public figures makes interesting similarity with many of our leaders today. Climax doesn't really sound exciting (why would someone waste lots of explosives just to blow off one office- it would have been easier and cheaper to kill those 4-5 targets individually) but takes the novel to a fairly logical conclusion.

Similar: Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon

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