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Bangalore Airshow Aero India 2015: Some more pictures

You've already seen my 3 main posts on Aero India- The Wingwalkers, Skycats and Sarang Helicopters. This post shares few other photos of the planes clicked during the show, effectively summing up my coverage of Aero India 2015.

These planes went up in air and did some stunts, but they were not as breathtaking as the other 3, so I don't have enough photos and details to write a detailed post, so limiting the description to few lines for each of the planes.

British Yakovlevs at Aero India 2015
Notice that the three planes are fully identical...

Bottom view of a fighter- Sukhoi
 Tejas LCA flying Upside Down
This helicopter did lots of stunts in-front of VIP area- like flying in reverse etc, but we at general visitor area couldn’t comprehend much.
 These two twin planes went up and did some circus. But with no one on their wings unlike Skycats or Wingwalkers, these looked a bit pale
Lots of formations were made in the air, but I didn't manage good clicks due to poor vantage points

Indian Armed forces displayed some of their Search & Rescue skills. They did a remarkable job during UK and J&K floods in recent years. Below is just an illustration.
Bottom of a jumbo cargo carrier- Globemaster
Taking this plane up in the air was total waste of time. We understand it can carry lots of cargo and fly, but how to make people understand that? This plane going up in air, moving around slowly would begin irritating the crowd and people starting urging it to land after sometime. It can't match agility of small planes, so Globemaster makes a great display aircraft for the exhibition, but should probably be excluded from air show.
 Another small plane belonging to Airforce


  1. Congratulations on these amazing captures!

  2. Thrilling pics, Missed seeing it in real.

  3. bottom view of a fighter ,that is a sukhoi30 mki

    The C17 Globemaster is a military cargo transport aircraft ,it can land in area which doesnt have a runway(just plain muddy surface is enough,not exactly a concrete runway) ,it can take off and land with a short runways.It will be backbone of IAF replacing the IL 76.Most of the relief work and military equipment are transported using such aircraft.

    Infact there are airshows which show case a lot of civilian aircraft as well ,so in that sense bangalore airshow is mainly a defence one perhaps.Its perhaps the only chance for the general public to have a look at their country's assets

  4. Thanks Indrani

    THanks The Wild for adding additional info. There were few civilian aircrafts taking off between the morning and evening show- guess they were for prospective buyers to have a test flight.

  5. My In laws attended this show :) Thanks for sharing the pics



  6. I Found Very Interesting and Informative Article,amazing captures.Keep sharing us up to date.

  7. Really nice clicks..!great to see the planes do amazing tricks in the sky


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