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Review Hotel TempleView, Mahabaleshwar

When I was planning a visit to Mahabaleshwar, I found out that it will be late evening by the time I reach Mahabaleshwar (Had a Balloon ride in the morning, para gliding in the evening at Talegaon/Khamshet area after which I would drive to Mahabaleshwar). So regular hotels with fixed timings like 12 noon to 10 AM etc were not practical. I asked Stayzilla chat assistant to name a budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar that offered 24 hour check in check out facility. They proposed Temple View. The rental was cheap (Rs 878 for 2 people for a night). I tried to book but stopped just short of payment, thinking I will decide a little later.

Stayzilla was quick to call me back, saying that they have spoken to the hotel and rooms are available and they've blocked it for me. I was pleased by their quick response (everyone else want payment first and then will think of the service). So without second thought, I made rest of the payments, for a 8PM to 8PM next day booking.

But as I was driving towards the hotel, I faced some inconvenience. Hotel Temple View was not listed on Google maps, mobile signals were not co-operating. So after some talk with hotel staff, I got manual direction and the fact that Ramsukh Hotel is nearby, which made further navigation easier.

Note to Stayzilla/Temple View Hotel: Add some direction information to the reservation confirmation, not just your postal address.

Once I arrived, the manager showed us the room, which was spacious by all standards. (I was thinking it could be a congested room as seen in many hill station budget hotels). Room had all basic facilities. Power outlet seem to have loose connection- didn't charge my stuff overnight as expected. Common areas were very large too. There is NO A/C in the room, which is not really a problem in a hill station.

I was asked to sign in the register, which showed less than 3 entries for March- either no one visited this hotel or all visitors are not registered or there could be another register.

Temple view hotel is a bit of old fashioned. It is a bit old building. Located right next to two ancient temples in Old Mahabaleshwar area, this hotel is rightly named Temple View.

Hot water is not 24x7. On demand staff will switch on the geyser after which you will get hot water in the room. Ultra low rental means nothing is free- not even breakfast. Their own restaurant in the ground floor serves decent veg food. Tea: Rs 20, Curd Rice: Rs 65. Fair enough pricing.

There isn't much of a parking space in front of the hotel- the street is fine to park a small car but as the day progresses traffic picks up. Bigger vehicles need to be parked little away.

Located in Old Mahabaleshwar (on northern side of hill station), Temple view is closer to half a dozen view point and attractions, but will be far for Southern Mahabaleshwar attractions like Bombay Point.

As you can see in above pictures, common areas are very spacious at Temple View hotel. Overall Temple View is a decent budget hotel in Mahabaleswar hill station. We checked out at 4PM next day, paying only 1 day rent thanks to 24 hour billing model.

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  1. informative post ! helpful for the follow travelers who are looking for budgetary hotel.

  2. your reviews was helpful i am happy to go thur hadoc it helped me as you said the place is small BUT the staff is very corteous and helpful and top it all I DIS SAVE A LOT of money as compared to any other place i had visited for hotels


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