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Jeremy clarkson will be missed in topgear

News just in states that BBC has decided NOT to renew contract of Jeremy Clarkson, one of the hosts of BBC's very popular auto show- Top Gear.[News]

Jeremy was the senior most of the 3 hosts Top Gear had and talked more than the other two. He opened most of the shows, gave funny one liner about stig, introduced guests and dropped some bombshell at the closing moments of the show.
Image sourced from Telegraph article

Jeremy hated manual labor of any kind, his idea of Off-Roading was "Power and Speed" and overall the laziest of the 3 hosts- but that probably was what differentiated top gear from other auto shows. While other car shows went about their business seriously, Jeremy and team added lots of stupidity, unthinkable level of lazyness and such elements to make the show fun to watch. He was very liberal in using abusive words, though a decent show on automobiles didn't warrant it.

As I learn Jeremy Clarkson is found guilty of abusing a colleague (producer of the show, not some junior staff) and resorting to physical attack on him. All because hotel served him cold meal instead of his specific choice. Apparently there were multiple previous incidents of aggression that had put Clarkson on a final warning mode, which was severed with recent incident on March 4th.

I am not offering any opinion on his sacking.It is unfortunate but

I am sure whoever took that decision would have undergone enough reviews and affirmations before going public with it.

Jeremy's twitter handle seem's confident and doesn't appear to directly acknowledge that he might get separated from BBC. But a modified bio uses past tense to hint that he is no longer a presenter on BBC. We need to see if 55 year old actor will take an early retirement or will seek a career in other places.

More importantly will Topgear producers be able to find a decent enough replacement for Jeremy?

Wikipedia page on Jeremy has lots of interesting details about him. James May's reaction can be seen here

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  1. I have seen the top gear and know Clarkson ,but however great you are there are certain basic levels of decorum that you are expected to maintain in public life.

    And my favorite quote on the safety net helped him get by time and again until it snapped!

    And it isnt rocket science ,i am surprised he got away with just the sack.Some people just think they can just about get away with anything under the sun-thats when they need to be shaken to let them know they live on earth -I bet he will think 100 times to repeat this in his next show whenever that happens.

  2. True. No justifying physical abuse and assault...


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