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Victory Tower Column, Berlin, Germany

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Berlin Victory Column is a giant structure located in the centre of Tiergarden, at the heart of Berlin city, Germany.

It houses a golden statue of Victoria on its top and offers magnificent view of the city. Tourists can go up the tower for a fee of 3 euros. Open from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM. Had to take steps all the way up- 285 in number- no elevator is available and it was pretty exhaustive as we were walking a lot that day, still the view from the top was totally worth it. 
At the basement of  Victory tower there is a circular foundation where tourists can sit and relax. Just across the road is super green tier garden. Crossing the road to reach Victory statue was little tricky as there was constant vehicle movements and no signals/earmarked spots for tourists to cross. I learnt later that there’re 4 different tunnels that pedestrians can use to reach the tower, without having to cross the road.
 Victory tower column is 67 meters tall from road level, including the statue. Built in 1873, it has stood the test of time for close to one and a half century now.  It has witnessed several wars and various winning troops had made it a point to hoist their flags here once they captured Berlin. The victory tower was originally infront of Reichstag, Germany’s parliamentary building, which was primary target of enemy bombings in all the wars. It was relocated mid 20th century to its present location.

Below are some photos for you. Wikipedia has more details if you wish to read further

 Paintings on the wall
 View of the city and vast greet Tiergarden

 House of World Culture as seen from top of Victory Tower

 Mercedes Benz building
 View of the road below
 Tourists in a tourist bus
Brandenburg Gate from a distance and a giant wheel set up for celebrations


  1. Two things that strike me immediately, in addition to the statue is, the huge green cover just outside the city and the no. of cyclists. Germany is doing many things right nowadays, I guess.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Have been to Germany and visited Frankfurt , Minz & wisbaden but not visited Berlin due to time shortage. wish to visit Berlin.

  3. Such amazing pictures. Germany sounds like a wonderful place to be

  4. That's a wow - structure. It looks great with all those architectural features and the figure on top. Awesome views too, I see.

    It was nice visiting here through this post. Thank you, Shrinidhi.


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