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Lilla Torg (Little square), Malmo, Sweden

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Recalling some of my old trips, about which I’ve not written yet. This post is about Lilla Torg, a small place in the Swedish city of Malmo. (Lilla Torg is Swedish for Little Square)

Lilla torg is  to Sweden what MG Road-Brigade road junction is to Bengaluru, (or Clarke Quay in Singapore or Times Square in NY)- town’s busiest junction filled with restaurants and other attractions for people to hang out. It also has historic significance, as city's most ancient buildings are located around this square. 

I went to Lilla torg in morning hours, when the shops were just opening up. Max crowd can be seen in the evening hours naturally. Because of this, and because I am not so good at writing about food and alcohol, I am leaving you with a set of pictures I clicked in and around Lilla Torg.

There are few other popular squares near Lilla Torg, will write about them separately.
Lilla Torg is at a walkable distance from Malmo central.


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