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Sadras Dutch Fort at Kalpakkam, off ECR

Sadras Dutch Fort is a small, almost ruined fort off ECR, close to the sea, in Kalpakkam.

Inside the fort campus there isn't much to see- couple of storage houses, a tree, a cemetery and a room used by fort caretakers.

Below are some photos of the fort and a brief history available.


Above: Photos of the Sadras Dutch fort campus
Below are some close up photos of a small cemetery inside Dutch fort. Members of royal family are laid to rest here. It was locked when we entered but later someone came and opened it so that we could go inside and take a closer look

 Ruined walls of the fort and view from the sea

A well inside fort campus for freshwater

History has it that this fort was built in 17th century by the Dutch, who had commercial interests in the area. Fort helped them establish their supremacy in the region and give protection to their traders and officials.

However, as British began to occupy most of India, this fort became a conflict zone, with British navy bombing the fort from the sea and ruining most of it. Unlike other sea side forts, this fort is NOT at an elevated position. Being at sea level it couldn't offer much protection.

There is no entry fee, neither there's any facility for food and refreshments. One should go to nearby Kalpakkam town or Mahabalipuram.

Of course Sadras is not the original name of this place. Sadiravasagan Pattinam was eventually shortened to Sadras by the British, as it felt similar to Madras and easy to pronounce.

Fort is maintained by ASI- opens from 9AM to 6PM on weekdays and at 7AM on weekends.

Fort boundary fencing has several openings, probably created by cows that want to feed inside, which aren't fixed.

If you're cruising through ECR, take a 3KM diversion to take a look t Sadras. Follow directions on Google maps.

Alamparai, Mahabalipuram are nearby attractions


  1. Though have heard of it, never visited. Those inscriptions looks lovely. Nice post, Shrinidhi.

  2. All our cultural treasures. Very nice of you to cover this Shrinidhi. One cannot complete a comment without regretting the way such places of archaeological importance are maintained. The royal folk are lying in silence when we take a trip to Egypt to see them there.

    Chennai Focus

  3. I thought of going here, but I was told there is nothing much to see here, and your photos confirm it!

    There is a similar (but larger) cemetery in Pulicat/Pazhavanthangal which was also a Dutch stronghold. The fort there is completely ruined.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Been to this place about 10 years back and did not find anything interesting. Good to peep in if you are going through that route.

    Maybe I will check out again.


  5. Nice to know about this Fort. It would be nice to walk through this charming structure with dutch touches.

    Off ECR, eh. I should be going that side in a few months. I'll try to go have a look at it. Thank you.

    Now let me go look up Alamparai. ;)

  6. Sure Ram

    @Vishal: Thanks

    @DN, Yes, do spare an hour to divert and visit this place

  7. Sure Ram

    @Vishal: Thanks

    @DN, Yes, do spare an hour to divert and visit this place

  8. Is it Safe to go for 2 people. Do we have any population alone for safety. or is it better to go in groups

  9. I do not see any concern. There will be some other tourists usually and some locals around. Don't see a risk, as it is a small place inside city, you can explore in 30 min and come back.

  10. Thanks a lot for your response. I did visit the place, it is very well inside the town, and near to bus stop as well. There were lot of shops and locals around. It is a safe place to visit:)

  11. @ Srinidhi: Thanks for your response. I did visit the place, it is definitely safe with lot of shops and local people around. It is right in the middle of town.:)

  12. Thanks Mohan. Good to know you had great time

  13. Never could visit this fort. It does look so good and well maintained too.


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