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Sofiero Castle, Helsingborg, Sweden- Campus pictures

You’ve seen pictures from Queen’s garden at Sofiero castle in this post and details of the castle itself in this post. There are a few more attractions around the castle and this post tries to cover it.

Royal Football ground- King had a private football ground inside the castle campus and would organize matches for locals and for his own entertainment. Around the corners of this football field there are some nicely designed stone sculptures

  Circle of evolution- a set of stones kept in the shape of a mosquito coil, signifying evolution. Few stones have face of a lion or other animals.
 Another random thing- globe with a pointed arrow
 Stones of varying heights
Above: A sovereign shop and building that houses maintenance staff of Sofiero castle and their equipment

Relaxing Buddha with face sliced

An old farm house- show styling and equipment used in European farm houses in recent times

There is a children play area, in the woods. Depending on season, you will also find several streams of freshwater flowing in the campus
Below structure is called "Totem Pole" or Killaer Whale. It is located towards the beach end of the castle campus. They represent ancient carvings and culture. No specific history/significance is available. You will be able to find many such pillars all around Europe and other parts of the world.
I thought we might be able to go to beach from the Sofiero campus, but we can’t. You can see the beach but if you have to hit the beach you need to take a long long route. At a distance, you can see Denmark and Helsignor Castle. (Zoom picture provided below)

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