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The Taoist Temple, Cebu, Philippines

While I was looking for places to explore in Cebu, The Taoist temple came up as top attractions. Its photos were attractive and I decided to visit. After changing 2 jeepneys and one taxi, I finally reached the temple. This place is about 12-15 kms from Mactan airport.

The Taoist temple is built by the Chinese community, located on Beverly hills area of Cebu city. Entry is free but photography is permitted only outside.

Inside the temple is typical of any other Buddhist temples. Photography not allowed.

The best view of the temple is the panoramic view shown in below photo. But I was on foot and couldn't really figure out where to go to get this view. If I had a bike could have explored the area more to find better views, but on foot it was difficult.

As I came out, few people surrounded me offering bikes on rental. But they were not proper agencies, just the individuals trying to make some extra money, so I was reluctant. One person came to me, offered to take me to the hills nearby that offered great view and bring me back, for 700 pesos. (he gave his last and final offer of 500 pesos later)- It sounded like a great idea, but due to risk factor and time constraint, I had to turn it down.

  • If I go to hill with him, I can't see anything else in the city that evening
  • Not sure how safe n reliable it is- what if he takes me to an isolated place, teams up with his buddies and robs me?
Thus I proceeded to see other places inside Cebu city instead of heading to the hills


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