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San Pedro Fort, Cebu, Philippines

San Pedro Fort is one of the oldest and smallest forts in Cebu, Philippines. I spent a few moments here and below are some photos and notes about this fort, which also serves as a weekend get-together point for locals. Lots of dance and meetups were in progress when I visited there on a Sunday evening.

San Pedro fort is reportedly completed in 1738, built by the Spanish kings (Philippines was a Spain colony back then). Over time the fort campus has served multiple purposes- as a prison, as an army barrack for US Soldiers, as a Japanese stronghold during world war 2, as a hospital when Philippines was trying to get liberated from Spanish control, as a school during peace times and so on.

Once inside, there's only one floor to go to. It is a small campus, with view of the open area around. There is a small walkway between the outer wall and the inner one. Few canons are left on the ground.

 View of the ground ahead
 Lots of lighting is used for better visual appeal.
This cat was sitting majestically at the ticket counter (Entry fee 60 PHP) and keeping an eye on the surroundings
 Few illuminated objects are placed on the fort wall to add some spice I guess.
 A small exhibition hall displays some photos of the kings who ruled the city and history of Cebu
Plaza Indepencia or Independence Memorial is right outside San Pedro fort entrance
 Couple of trees inside the fort campus

 Other attractions in Cebu- The Taoist Temple * Marcelo B Fernan bridge * Santiago Fort (Manila)

Now there're direct flights between Cebu and other islands in Philippines, without having to go through capital Manila. Details on the Airline Blog.


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